Google Panda Update 2011

Google panda

Are you aware your website is being affected because of google panda update? Our website is! For every webmaster who's concerned about search engine and doing SEO job would feel great pressure with such update. Why? Because the organic traffic to your website is decreased distinctly. Especially when you're running an ecommerce website, less traffic on the website means less sales and less money. Below is my experience on personal website and quotes from other SEO experts.

How does google panda works?

By reading the google documents and other webmasters' posting, the google panda be introduced simply because the tons of poor quality websites. You can't imagine there're over 350,000,000 world wide websites and the number is increasing every per second. The google panda is to judge whether a website is GOOD or BAD by analysing it's general statistics. If the panda considers your website has no actual help to people then google might downgrade or completely remove the ranking. On the other hand, for branded names which got high traffic and quality, the panda will not affect any.

Is it possible to escape google panda update?

Unfortunately no. In some degrees, the panda updates made the searh engine clean and provide people with what they really needed in SERP. So what kind of websites are being affected by google panda? Here's the categories from seo experts

  • E-commerce sites with poor product pages
  • Thin affiliate sites
  • Sites designed to host "Ad-sense" (Advertising)
  • Article sites with low quality or duplicated content
  • Price comparison sites with thin content
  • Travel sites with poor or duplicated reviews
  • Websites with poor usability and branding

So as we see, if we want to avoid the panda effect. We need to have a clear plan from the very beginning of our website setup. Basically, following rules are always useful to any website.

  • Create unique, high quality content to add value to your site!
  • Redesing your website structure and guide people to navigate easily.
  • Build trust for your website and be active to make it known to everybody!
  • Diversify your traffic sources – find your community and engage!

How does SEO expert say about google panda?

It's suggested to know about difference between Optimizing and Promoting. Optimizing is to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible while Promoting is to help or encourage to exist or flourish. You must promote and get the word out but you cannot spam. Always do the white hat SEO and avoid black hat SEO technologies, the google system is more and more smart and easy to find what's going on with your website. You should follow the google seo starter guide but don't try to conquer it.

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