Google Page Rank

google page rank

Google just updated all websites' PR(Page Rank) yesterday, did you get a new PR value on your website? Our website just grow up from PR0 to PR3. Congratulations to our continuing efforts on this website and we'll always try our best to offer the best information to help with web hosting choice.

Google Page rank Overview

Page Rank was developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and is a trademark of Google. Google will evaluate the quality of your website and assign a numerical weight to it based on the genrous stats received in google database. Normally, the higher PR on your website, the higher search result will be. It also approves the quality of your website and popularity on internet.

How to increase website page rank?

How to increase my website page rank? this must be a frequently asked question everywhere on various forums, especially for people who is doing online business. PR is very important to get your service/product rank high from search engine. So how can I get higher PR on my website? Here I would like to share some SEO tips about how to increase your website PR

SEO tips to increase your website page rank

1. Website Internal Optimization

It's also called on page optimization. There're many articles explaining how to optimize your website internally, but all can be categorized as following

A. Standadize your page title, meta tags and page description. In short, it should look like below

<title>your website page title here including your keywords</title>
<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1,keyword2,keyword3" />
<meta name="description" content="some description about your website here including your keywords />

you should place all above elements between "<header></header>" in your html codes. Nowadays many people use opensource cms softwares to build a website and you can configure all above easily from admin page.

Note: the keywords tag is no longer important as google suggested. You can ignore that section directly nowadays.

B. Website article posting. you should write the article based on your keywords and insert anchor text smartly to point to according pages. what's anchor text, for example I put a link like this "<a href="">hosting coupon</a>" then search engine would recognize your website is about hosting coupon.

C. Update your website regularly. You should always doing that to add fresh content to your website. Don't add every at one time and stop doing it after that.

2. Link building

Link building always cost webmasters the most time since it's a long term daily work. there're various ways for link building such as blog posting, forum posting and article marketing, remember to add your website keywords to signature. Link exchange would be the best way to get backlinks in short time, so never forgot to request link exchange with quality websites.

Back link is actually the solely concern for PR value. More back links, higher PR on website. Although PR is not considered by professionals, it still plays an important role on website. The direct explanation is how important your website is from google opinions.

3. Forget SEO and offer quality information

Remember, the most important point of seo is to forget seo, because you're promoting the actual service/product . your should be responsible for your website and never spam everywhere on internet or else you're in high risk being pulished by google. Always think about how to increase your website quality and offer something really helpful to people.

Other aspects you need to consider for website SEO

Except for all above explanation, one of the most important is your website stability and uptime, once your website is put online, don't change the title or descriptions often, you should prepare that before the website online.

About website uptime, you must find a quality web hosting to serve your site, a website always fail to load would be recognized untrustable by google. To get quality web hosting please visit this page.

Do you have other tips about website optimization? Share your ideas and get ranked on google!

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Kenny is owner of webhostpark and has been working in hosting industry since 2006. We provide unbiased hosting reviews and release the latest promo news. Follow me on Google plus

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  1. vibhor - April 1, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Hey mate thanks for the the overview. All my doubts are clear now. Could you please tell me about the next PR update from google


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