Best Ftp Web Hosting

best ftp web hosting

Ftp Introduction

FTP is a file transfer protocol which is used to upload or download files from one server to another on internet. File transfer through ftp can be done via ftp client such as filezilla or via windows explorer directly. Till present, ftp is still the most efficient method for file uploading/downloading.

FTP is not enabled on any server as default. The hosting server admin has to configure it manually through their experience. Normally Serv-U is the most popular FTP software on windows server and Pureftpd is the best under Linux environment. FTP is supported by most web hosting providers

Best FTP Web Hosting

When referring to the best ftp hosting, the hosting server must support the following ftp features

  • Support both active and passive ftp connections from client.
  • Support most ftp clients such as cute ftp, filezilla and flashxp etc.
  • Unlimited concurrent FTP connections, this is most important when you have several people working on the same ftp space.
  • Unlimited FTP user, this allows you to allocate ftp space to different users with different types of permissions.
  • Secure ftp connection is supported

With all above minimum requirements and editorial experience, WebhostingHub is awarded the best ftp web hosting provider. For only $4.99/mo you get unlimited ftp accounts and unlimited disk space. Whub ftp hosting service has a bunch of outstanding hosting features includes the following

  • Optimized ftp server – Unlimited ftp users and unlimited ftp connections through secure transfer layer such as sftp.
  • Support team with special FTP knowledge with 24 x 7 online support
  • Tutorials and guidance to popular ftp softwares
  • Hosting plan comes with FREE domain registration and unlimited domain hosting
  • Unlimited Email accounts, unlimited databases with 99.99% uptime guarantee!

What really makes Webhostinghub FTP outstanding is their fast and stable connection between users and hosting space. The webhostinghub hosting servers are powered by datacenters from east and west coasts with max speed zone enabled. They announced not to oversell their space for best performance and strictly follow this policy. Over the general comparison over other hosting service, the webhostinghub server speed is at least 100% faster than other competitors.

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More about FTP Web Hosting

FTP is a must when you deal with web hosting service. Choosing the right ftp web hosting will speed up your website deployment. Especially when you're operating a web design company and always upload/download data through FTP connection, speed is most essential point. When you need to give out server space to client, then can manage all stuff through FTP as well. By doing that you just need to create additional ftp user and point to the specific web directory without causing security issues.

FTP Passive mode vs Active mode

To deal with firewall, FTP has both passive mode and active mode configured on server end. Here I'll compare the two modes and help you check ftp related problems when you encounter such.

Active mode – The client connects from a random port (higher than 1023) to the FTP server's port 21. Then, the client starts listening to port N+1 and sends the FTP command PORT N+1 to the FTP server. The server will then connect back to the client's specified data port from its local data port 20.

Passive mode – The client opens two random ports locally (N > 1023 and N+1). The first port contacts the server on port 21, the server then opens a random unprivileged port (P > 1023) and sends the PORT P command back to the client. The client then initiates the connection from port N+1 to port P on the server to transfer data.

From above comparison, Passive mode ftp connection is ideal for ftp users and Active mode is ideal for server admin. Generally speaking, a professional hosting provider will open a certain ports on server end to support both active mode and passive mode ftp connections.

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