Coolhandle Review

coolhandle review

Coolhandle Introduction

Who's coolhandle? Coolhandle was started in 2001, in 2010 they're merged into and formed a completely new group. Coolhandle is currently managed by experts from both companies. If you read some reviews about coolhandle before, most would be outdated. Our independant coolhandle review will help find out if it's a good web hosting company to deal with and how we can benefit from their service.

Coolhandle Company story

CoolHandle was first founded by a group of IT Professionals lead in 2001. Their goal is to offer stable and reliable web hosting services and achieve customer’s 100% satisfaction. Unlike many hosting companies who like to blow up their services, coolhandle always followed their restrict rules and offer honest hosting plans. What you see will be what you get with coolhandle service.

For the past years, coolhandle has been growing up quietly. Why quietly? Because they don't blow up their service, they serve their customer well and no much negative feedbacks on the web. That's why you can't get too much information about this company on various hosting forums. To offer better service and serve their client better, coolhandle and got merged together(both the business and staff).

What's offered by Coolhandle Hosting?

Coolhandle is standard cpanel linux hosting provider and provides leading hosting features includes the following

  • Unlimited space & bandwidth
  • One free domain name for life
  • Unlimited database and Email accounts
  • Multiple domain names hosting
  • Cpanel hosting will all add-on services
  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Price starts at $3.95/mon!

There're total of 3 shared hosting plans offered by coolhandle. They're limited with different offers such as parked domain, number of mysql database and email accounts etc. They just offer what you needed and keep their server healthy. You just need to pick up the perfect plan with your exact requirements.

Besides shared hosting service, coolhandle also gives out reseller and VPS hosting opportunity. With only $19.95/mo you get all necessary tools and service to start your own web hosting service. Coolhandle configured their web servers with cloudlinux which is the best choice for hosting server. Cloudlinux is deeply optimized for server performance and security according to hosting service requirement.

The difference with Coolhandle is they provide dedicated IP service independantly at $4.99/mo. The price is too high while we can get this service for only $2/mo from many coolhandle competitors.

Where is Coolhandle Datacenter located?

Coolhandle datacenter is located in the heart of Los Angeles, in the same building as 12 of the nation's largest Internet providers. CoolHandle also maintains multiple Tier-1 upstream providers to ensure the bandwidth health. When coolhandle is merged into ProNetHosting, their datacenter and the number of hosting servers are all double sized. definitely they have built up a long term relationship among their partners and clients.

Is Coolhandle Cloud Hosting Provider?

No, interview for their marketing director tell us they're still testing this technology and haven't put on live production yet. It's alright like they always did, they offer stable and reliable hosting services to all clients. The negative example would be sitecloud, it's rated as top cloud hosting provider for some periods but finally have to close service due to the lack of weak technologies.

How do we think about coolhandle?

Coolhandle is so nice when we request for a test account to check their services. The result is we're 100% satisfied, fast server + fast service, it's definitely qualify for our top 10 list. If you like to check how it's working, I put my personal blog on coolhandle server, you can check how it looks like.

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About the Author
Kenny is owner of webhostpark and has been working in hosting industry since 2006. We provide unbiased hosting reviews and release the latest promo news. Follow me on Google plus

2 thoughts on “Coolhandle Review

  1. Julette Clark-Brown - October 22, 2012 at 8:35 pm

    I signed up for 2 online business that had a 60 day trial period. I signed up on 09/07/12 & 09/10/12,$262.80 on each occasion, a total of 525.60.I sent them a request to cancel 1st on 09/14/12 and I got an email to login to their website and go to my product and click on the cancel button because that’s the only cancellation request they are going to honor. I did exactly what they told me. I got an email telling me that they received the cancellation request and that “Cancellation requests are handled in the order in which they were received” So I waited,when I did’nt hear anything from them, I contacted again about the cancellation. They acted as if it’s the first time I was asking for cancellation.They told to go “my product” on their web site and click the cancel button and when I explain that I was following up on the request I made on 09/14/12. I got several emails from a Adam R.and Max R. requesting I give it a little longer.I explained that I had cancelled the 2 internet programs, the reason why I had bought hosting from Coolhandle in the first place,and have no further use for their services. That I just want to completely cancel & refund of my money. I have since sent request at least 4-5 times since, I also resent every e-mail or confirmation of service tickets I have submitted twice in the last couple of weeks.

    On 10/12/12 Adam R. Sent me the Following email:

    Adam R
    Oct 12 (5 days ago)

    to me

    Each time you wrote us requesting cancellation of your account, we replied with detailed instructions on how to cancel account to the Terms of Service you agreed to. In each response we included this statement “DUE TO SECURITY REASONS, WE WILL NOT TERMINATE ANY SERVICE WITHOUT THE CANCELLATION FORM BEING SUBMITTED WITH THE PROPER INFORMATION. WE CANNOT ACCEPT YOUR CANCELLATION REQUEST BY ANY OTHER METHOD OTHER THAN THE CANCELLATION FORM.”

    You did not submit the cancellation form until the 31st day of service, which is outside of the money back guarantee period. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you any full or partial refund since your account is outside of the money back guarantee period.

    For details about our terms of service, please visit:

    Please let us know if you still would like us to terminate your account. If we do not hear back from you, we will consider that you would like to continue this service.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Adam R.

    Ticket Details
    Ticket ID: CSI-443656
    Department: Cancellation
    Priority: Low
    Status: Pending

    The following is a copy of my cancellation Request sent on 09/14/12:

    Existing Cancel Request:

    A cancellation request for the following service exists:

    Commission Cash Code Pro [v1] – was submitted on 2012-09-14 12:07:06 PST.

    We have received your cancellation request. Cancellation requests are handled in the order in which they were received. To follow up on your cancellation request, please respond to the original cancellation ticket.

    I paid up hosting for 2 years in advance and they are telling me that they will not refund the unused portion of the money I paid nor will they honor my cancellation request that was made 7 days after purchase.These people are ripping me off.They stole my money.

  2. Brain K. Hughes - April 20, 2015 at 1:28 pm

    The highly professional and supportive team at cool-handle is very fluent, walked me through the entire process of web hosting. Their dedicated and 24/7 supportive team was always there for any technical issues. When it comes to web hosting services, I only trust cool-handle!


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