Cloud Hosting vs Cluster Hosting

Cloud hosting vs Cluster hosting

Unlike 10 years ago you need to pay a lot for hosting with limited features, people now have more and more options when need to put up a website, choices from traditional shared hosting, vps and dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting and cluster hosting would be the most popular choice by nowadays webmasters. But what's the difference between cloud hosting and cluster hosting? Which is better choice?

What's Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is a term comparing to traditional hosting service that is based on cloud computing. Just think your website is down because it's being visited by many people with high cpu/memory usage. Such issue wouldn't happen to a website that is hosted on cloud hosting evironment because your website a distributed on many servers and all server end services are being shared among all server equipments on multiple networks. Once there's a server failure, the second will take over the work and doing a good loop to ensure your service is always online.

What's Cluster Hosting?

Cluster hosting is a specialization of clusters where a load balancer is used to direct incoming traffic to one of many worker nodes. Server farm is the main technology used by cluster hosting. A web farm tends to have very specialized machines dedicated to each component type and is far more optimized for that specific task.

Cloud Hosting vs Cluster Hosting

As from above explanation we have learned that cluster hosting is actually small size cloud hosting that is used to separate web services on different servers. Cloud hosting always relies on third party technologies such as CDN to deliver the website files based on end user locations. While cloud hosting servers are setup through multiple networks on multiple physical locations, cluster is setup centrally by server admin for load balancing purpose. Cluster is relatively more easy to setup because it doesn't include network configuration. Cloud computing is by far the newest technology for multi concurrent tasks/services. Because of the sophisticate configuration and big investment

Is Cloud Hosting Better than Cluster?

If you have learned the basic structure of cluster hosting and cloud hosting you will realize that cluster hosting environment is best choice for larget enterprise website that requires high performance and less down time. Cloud hosting would be considered mostly when you expect 99.999% website uptime and fast response. Basically, if you're not sure which one to choose from, cloud hosting is your primary consideration because it's more affordable and popular.

Best Cloud Hosting Provider

As about 3 months before, Sitecloud would be the most recommended one for shared cloud hosting. But since the shared environment is not suitable to offer this service, this hosting brand is finally closed and you have to use vps server at least for cloud hosting. For quality and affordable cloud vps hosting, vps is highly recommended. The VPSNET cloud VPS is fully customizable with your side by side requirements. More details can be found on this cloud vps review posting.

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