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Cloudlinux Hosting

What's cloudlinux?

CloudLinux is an operation system and actually the first commercial OS that meets the specific needs and demands of web hosting. Some people might be confused by the popular term "cloud computing". In this article we will introduce the advantages of this OS and the best cloudlinux hosting service. If you would like to keep your website up with latest industry technologies, this article would help.

Why cloudlinux for hosting server?

Just think about your server goes down because one of the hosted website used up all resources, such cases no longer exists with cloudlinux. CloudLinux makes rock hard hosting stability a reality. Instead of shutting down all websites on your server to locate the exact problem, cloudlinux does it better by isolating and controlling resource spikes to prevent entire servers going down. Following are several of the most outstanding features with this system:

  • Reliability & Stability — Being a commercial OS, it's purposely designed based on the exact requirements of production server. CloudLinux is the choice for web hosting providers because of the stable environment it provides even in the most extreme hosting situations.
  • More efficient hosting server — That means you can add more customers to every server helping you get the most out of each physical server.
  • Easy to convert from your existing server OS — You can easily convert to cloudlinux OS from various existing os. For instance of the popular centos and RHL, it takes less than 5 minutes to convert!
  • Affordable and Easy deployment — Cloudlinux license is pretty affordable(As cheap as $10/mo). Once your server is licensed you get online patching and updates automatically!

arvixe cloudlinux hosting plan

Best cloudlinux hosting provider

Cloudlinux is improved version of CentOS. Most reputable linux hosting providers have upgraded to this platform for better performance and better management over system resources usage. The best cloudlinux hosting by editorial experience is from Arvixe – a very developer friendly web hosting firm. If it's simply a tool that your website is going to use, the company will make sure you have it on the server. Unless the request compromises the security or the integrity of the service, their people will try to support client requirements as much as they can!

How to sign up cloudlinux hosting plan with arvixe? You don't have to choose this service separately because all arvixe hosting servers come with Cloudlinux pre-installed with no extra configuration required from customer side. Some outstanding features from arvixe cloud hosting service:

  • Free domain name registration
  • Multiple domain name hosting under one account
  • Domain privacy supported
  • Dedicated IP supported
  • Unlimited space & monthly data transfer
  • SSH/Shell access enabled hosting!
  • cpanel with cloudflare enabled
  • Price starts with only $4.00/mo!
  • and more!

Check out for cloudlinux hosting plan!

Cloudlinux Hosting FAQs

In case your server is cloudlinux configured and your website is heavy loading, you might see some error when it reaches the source limitation.

What does 500 and 503 errors mean for cloudlinux?

Some common error codes like 500 or 503 means your site is either reaching the memory limits or concurrent limits. Take cpanel hosting account for example, you can check out from cpanel Quick Stats section about how much resource your site has consumed.

Why my website is slower than usual?

If your website is slower than usual, it is an indication that your website is hitting CPU limits set in server. We recommend to login to cpanel & find out the resource limits hit by your website as explained above.

What can I do if my website is hitting CloudLinux limits?

A resource usage spike once in a while is something you can ignore and it should not cause any major issue to your website. If you see that continuous issues in your website, you should consider optimizing the code of your website or upgrading to a VPS.

Cloudlinux vs Cloud hosting?

Is cloudlinux the same as cloud hosting? Definitely not, cloudlinux is an operation system while cloud hosting is based on cloud computing technology that uses multiple hosting servers. However, cloudlinux does introduced some good ideas of the "cloud computing" and improved the system structure for production use purpose on kernel level. Many cloud hosting servers also configured via cloudlinux OS.

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