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PowWeb 60% Off Coupon

Powweb 60% off coupon

Have you heard about the name "Powweb"? It might be new to many people because it's not so hot as the industry leaders such as hostgator, bluehost etc. However if you have experience with iPage or Fatcow you should pay attention to this company. For why, please read over this posting for introduction and enjoy the biggest coupon from their web hosting service!

PowWeb has been offering low-cost, feature-rich web hosting since 1999. As stated in their website, PowWeb understand that their customers' websites are "mission critical." PowWeb provides state-of-the-art "load-balanced" Web hosting platform to ensure maximum uptime. Pow Web’s entire infrastructure was built, developed, and operate in-house by programmers and developers.

What good of Powweb hosting?

Unbeatable hosting features and uptime would be best explanation of their service. With only $3.88/mo you get unlimited disk space & bandwidth and unlimited domain hosting. Some popular softwares such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, osCommerce are full compatible with their service, all those cms softwares can be get installed through few clicks away in hosting control panel!

Ok, back to the first question, why should you pay attention to this host if you know iPage or Fatcow? The simple answer is they're partner hosting brands under the same hosting company — EIG! If you check their website structures and backend hosting control panel you will find they're exact the same. For similar names such as ipower, ipowerweb you can refer to this ipower vs ipowerweb vs powweb article to learn more.

How to claim powweb 60% off coupon?

Please follow steps below to get 60% discount from powweb site:

1. Go to
2. Go ahead to order and navigate to step2
3. Press "back" icon from your explorer. A warning window will be promoted with 60%+ discount promo notice!
4. Click cancel to load the page, contine to enjoy the special!

How long will the powweb special offer last?

From official explanation, there's only 1 day left for this powweb special. If you would like to take the $2.95/mon advantage please hurry up! With this discount you will get all powweb hosting advantages includes the following:

  • Unlimited website hosting
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Unlimited ftp accounts
  • Unlimited mysql database

How do we think about powweb hosting?

Powweb is absolutely worthy of a try if you never dealt with. Comparing to other hosting brands that sold to EIG company for example webhost4life, powweb is pretty successful. You can't find too much complaint about this transition. While the alexa rank dropped from 6000 to over 30,000 on, the powweb rank raised up to 6000 after short time, this is the reward to their excellent services. If you liked the vdeck hosting control panel and need the most affordable hosting plan to signup, powweb is highly recommended today.

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iPage 80% OFF Promotion, $1.00/month!

ipage special promoiPage is now only $1.00/mo! Free domain, unlimited space, unlimited websites and mysql database! Follow this guidance and claim the best ipage hosting promo for huge saving!

iPage never stopped giving out great news as always. Now if you’re ready to sign up web hosting and like to save money, iPage is the best place to go as you can save 80% instantly. Only $1.00/mo!

How to Claim this Offer?

Actually, this special offer is not publicly advertised. Instead, it’s protected by secret link plus a coupon code to activate. Please follow steps below to activate

  1. Navigate to
  2. Change the address to Now the secret page is opened with coupon field.
  3. Enter coupon code “BALLON” and click to verify. Following screen will be displayed

ipage hosting priceNow, Just follow the sign up process to claim $1.00/mo offer!

Why should you take this ipage promotion?

Really great discount: Definitely this is the biggest promotion in iPage history for sure. You might find various ipage promotion on the web but this one is absolutely the best and newest. Just think about 80% discount with already quite affordable quality plan!

Rare and time limited offer: There’s always some kind of promotion with iPage but it’s quite rare to find such great promotion. See screenshot below and you will find only few hours left for this great promotion. if you’re about to claim it, hurry up!

What’s included for this great price?

You might ask “is the hosting feature limited by this price?” Absolutely no, you get exact the same that is paid by regular price $6.95/mo. There’s no service downgrade because of the promotional campaign. Actually, if you have found this promotiona earlier you even got the chance to win an iPad2! At the begining of this promotion, ipage scheduled 7 ipad2s and send out 1 per day! We feel sorry that I haven’t update this great offer earlier.

iPage core features:

iPage hosting comes with lots of great and free bonuses like Google, Yahoo and Facebook ads credits, free domain registration/transfer. They also provide a simple and user friendly website builder to allow customer to create a professional website without any prior designing knowledge. Just drag and drop, that simple!

Some other leading offers by ipage hosting includes: unlimited disk storage/bandwidth, any time money back guarantee, unlimited database/email accounts. In a word, you get unlimited support over most essential offers from ipage!

iPage hosting servers are powered by 100% wind energy that leave zero carbon footprint to the environment.

Visit for promotional plan!

Any other promotion by iPage company?

The 58% discount promotion would be the latest one with iPage brand. However, just like what they have been doing in recent years, they always give out surprise for website hosting. Just keep an eye on their site for any update. If you found a better price with better offer, remember to report to ipage and they will respond with great news! The ipage goal is to offer the best web hosting service to people with the lowest cost plan!

Do we recommend ipage hosting?

Absolutely yes, ipage has been hosting multi millions of global websites that vary from personal blogs to enterprise applications. iPage is also recognized the NO.1 choice for budget web hosting among 50+ competitors. Since 2008 when we decide to give out hosting guidance to our clients, ipage has been in our top recommendation list for it’s great price, hosting offers and knowlegeable customer support. They don’t just collect your money then do nothing for the rest, ipage seriously consider your business with them and would like to deliver the best value for win win purpose.

Visit and sign up today!

NOTE: ipage secrete link is temporarily disabled, will update once back online.

Fatcow 65% Off Secret Link

Fatcow 65% off secret link

Fatcow 65% off Secret Link overview

As we mentioned in this Fatcow 65% off coupon posting, fatcow offer a special coupon code in May. Now, two months passed and you guess what? This special is still valid as long as you remember the link! What a surprise for people who're trying to save money for web hosting.

Steps to claim the Fatcow 65% off coupon code

Exactly the same steps we explained before, if you still not sure, here it is

1. Go to
2. Enter this url to the address bar You should get a page as following screenshot
fatcow 65% off secret link

3. Enter coupon code "MAY295" and the special offer is activated!
fatcow 65% off secret link

Why Fatcow still keep the special offer?

We got the above special in May when fatcow first released it from existing clients and it's stated clearly it'll be ended on May 31th. After that date, I never check back again to see if it's still valid because fatcow always post different discounts on their home page so I guess it's useless to keep an outdate link. But fatcow always gives you surprise! Why? definitely for business marketing purpose and I have to say their team is so smart to attrack people's eye-balls. By doing this more people will remember the name fatcow and introduce it to every potential customer.

Update: Fatcow now issues $1.99/mo special price like ipage. However, above $2.95 price is still better than their default offer. We're not sure when will fatcow disable the $1.99 promo, but you can always keep above tricks for money saving whenever you need their service.

Should I deal with fatcow web hosting?

That depends, fatcow is pure linux hosting with vdeck hosting control panel. If you're going to put up a php/mysql website, fatcow is absolutely right choice for this great price and services. To be more specific, fatcow is ideal choice for personal blog, small to medium size business websites. Here're short list of fatcow leading features

  • UNLIMITED Space /bandwidth /email accounts
  • UNLIMITED websites /databases
  • Daily server end backups
  • Free domain name registration
  • Free mobile website builder
  • 24/7 live help in multiple channels
  • Any time money back guarantee

From the past two years monitoring by third party service, fatcow is featured for its excellent uptime and reliability. Fatcow's uptime for 2009 was 99.76%, 2010 was 99.88% and 2011 up until now's 99.99%. With tech improvements and system upgrades, the fatcow uptime statistics is higher and higher, fatcow also received more and more positive feedbacks from clients.

However if you need to use MS technologies such as Asp or, fatcow won't be suitable for you. Fatcow is well known and featured for their all-in-one single linux hosting solution. You get almost every needed features for linux website creation and hosting. You won't be disappointed to have chosen fatcow for your website host.

Visit for fatcow hosting special offers!

SoftLayer 40% Off Coupon

softlayer 40% off coupon

If you ask people which datacenter is the best in North American, softlayer will definitely receive the most votes. Indeed, softlayer grows up from nothing to the largest US datacenter provider or even from the whole world. Here we're going to give some introduction of this group and share the latest softlayer coupon – $200 OFF per month!

How Softlayer Managed to be the largest datacenter?

Softlayer was Founded in 2005 for global, on-demand data center and hosting services from facilities across the U.S. With industry leading technologies and equipments, softlayer created the first virtual data center — and made traditional hosting and managed/unmanaged services obsolete.

Of course, the softlayer company itself has powerful financial support, that's why they acquired Theplanet(The most well-known US datacenter) in 2010 and suddenly become the largeast datacenter company in North American. Currently, softlayer is major datacenter provider for many famous web hosting companies including hostgator, arvixe etc. Based their leading technologies and equipments, they highlight their service for secure, fast and reliable.

Softlayer Network Structures

Softlayer manages multiple datacenters across USA and there're 3 of the most well known datacenters in Dallas, Seattle and Washionton. Here's the summary of their bandwidth supply.

Dallas Datacenter Seattle Datacenter Washionton Datacenter
  • Comcast:10Gbps
  • Equinix:10Gbps
  • Global Crossing:10Gbps
  • Internap1:10Gbps
  • Internap2:10Gbps
  • Level3:10Gbps
  • NTT America1 10Gbps
  • NTT America2 10Gbps
  • NTT America3 10Gbps
  • Qwest:10Gbps
  • Telefonica:10Gbps
  • Time Warner:10Gbps
  • Comcast:10Gbps
  • Global Crossing:10Gbps
  • Internap1:10Gbps
  • Internap2:10Gbps
  • Level3:10Gbps
  • NTT America:10Gbps
  • Qwest:10Gbps
  • SIX:10Gbps
  • Time Warner:10Gbps
  • Comcast:10Gbps
  • Euinix:10Gbps
  • Global Crossing:10Gbps
  • Google:1Gbps
  • Internap 1:10Gbps
  • Internap 2:10Gbps
  • Level3:10Gbps
  • NTT America:10Gbps
  • Qwest:10Gbps
  • Telefonica:10Gbps
  • Time Warner:10Gbps
Total of 120Gbps Total of 90Gbps Total of 101Gbps

Plus, Each datacenters introduced another 10GB bandwidth from networking.

Softlayer datacenter speed test:

Dallas DC:      Download test ->
Seattle DC:      Download test ->
Washionton DC:      Download test ->

Softlayer Coupon for $200 OFF

The coupon is offered as "200OFF" for Intel Xeon 5670 Servers. When you order a 1U 5670 server in SEA01, SJC01 or WDC01 you will receive $200/month off for initial sign up as well as the recurring renewal. Offer only valid on 1U 5670 servers in SEA01, SJC01, and WDC01 data centers only. Cannot be combined with other offers.

Oh well, if you're not ready for this high criteria server, The starter Express server is perfect choice to begin with. Using coupon "EXPRESS" will give you $40 off directly! Express server for $99! – Receive a special discount on Single Processor Dual Core Xeon 3050.* Use the promo code EXPRESS to reduce the monthly price from $139/month to $99/month.

Please note this coupon code works with Express server only~

Is Shared Hosting Available with Softlayer?

Unfortunately, softlayer only provides dedicated or VPS servers, if you would like to benefit from their networking you can find another service provider who can offer shared hosting plans. For this concern we highly recommend Hostgator to deal with. Hostgator is probably the largest client of softlayer, before Theplanet got acquired by softlayer, hostgator uses half of the servers. If you would like to deal with softlayer shared hosting service, hostgator is absolutely the best choice.

Check for hosting details now!

HawkHost 50% Off Coupon

hawkhost 50% off coupon

Do you love hawkhost? I'm sure there're many positive replies to this question. Right, so why do we look somewhere else but leave this great service? Come on! We'll share the latest and best hawkhost coupon to save your big money. Half discount for all shared hosting plans with any period contract!

Hawkhost Coupon reviews

What's the most promotional hawkhost coupon code you can find on the web? I'm sure the most common coupon is either 20% or 25% off on many websites. Although they're good enough for visitors, people always would like to save more when there's such offer! We're glad to share this 50% off hawkhost coupon to you, please note this hawkhost coupon is only valid for the first time order with shared hosting plan.

Screenshot of the total payments after discount

hawkhost coupon

Any other Hawkhost Coupon Code Available?

Yes, I'll share some other hawkhost coupon codes for VPS and reseller hosting plans. See below

Hawkhost reseller hosting coupon: rjune2011
35% discount with hawkhost reseller account signup (only valid for the first payment term)

Hawkhost VPS hosting coupon: june11dalvps30
Life time 30% off with hawkhost VPS plan sign up! (VPS server in Dallas datacenter)

Hawkhost normally update every month for different promo codes with 40% discount rate. However they downgraded the rate to 30% in 2013 and now their team removed the promo page on website. We don't recommend to use their official promo codes if you want to save the most money with their hosting service. Instead, just claim above hawkhost coupon for 50% discount off your total order.

Outstanding hosting features from hawkhost

  • Unlimited Mysql and Postgresql databases
  • Unlimited ftp accounts and emails
  • Fast and reliable web server (LiteSpeed)
  • cpanel Hosting control panel with scripts auto installer
  • Powerful Hosting servers (Dual Quad Core Xeon 5520)
  • Server 99% Uptime guarantee (200+ tons of AC power)
  • Price starts with only $5.95/mon!
  • 24×7 Chat/Ticket Customer support!
  • And more!

How do We Think about Hawkhost Web Hosting?

Hawkhost has been rated as reliable and affordable hosting provider by tons of webmasters. With their cheap hosting plan and stable service, more and more people are being attracted. Actually no other web hosting providers could offer so big discount with almost non-profitable hosting plans, if you're looking for cheap and reliable web hosting service, hawkhost is your right choice.

Especially when referring to short term hosting requirement, hawkhost can offer people same price rate for monthly, quarterly and yearly contract. They don't charge high because we only need to use one month. They're so confident to keep your business by their superior service. Such advantages are not available from any other hosting company.

Visit and sign up today!

Hostgator 30% Off Coupon Revealed

hostgator 30% off coupon

Hostgator 30% off coupon launched! Are you trying to sign up with hostgator service and trying to save more money with this company? Congratulations! You got the right place for the biggest discount — 30% off! It's by far the highest promotion rate for hostgator group and you can't find this hostgator coupon code anywhere else.

How does this Hostgator coupon work?

This hostgator coupon will basically save you 30% with any period contract for hostgator plans. This includes shared hosting, vps, reseller and dedicated server hosting. We highly recommend that you prepay for as many months as possible because the the longer contract we choose, the better monthly price will be applied. This is by far the most promotional offer beyond black friday promo from hostgator.

Where is this hostgator coupon from?

Hostgator offered this rate coupon twice. It's initially offered to Chinese customer specially! Hostgator maintains a large business in China with a support center in Xiamen city, This coupon code will simply drive more business to hostgator because of the huge hosting requests from China. The code for China client is now deactivated and they provide other promotion for this market.

The other 30% discount coupon which is offered for now is initially available for Retailmenot site which is a center of many products promotion! It's not widely shared but you have to do a bit research. We post it here for our readers in case there's need.

hostgator 30% off coupon

How do I use this Hostgator coupon?

Just navigate to site and order as usual.At option five for coupon code field, enter above coupon and click "validate". The price will be automatically de-ducted for 30%! Either monthly, quarterly or yearly, it will generate same discount!

hostgator 30% off coupon

Is there any other hostgator coupon?

Yes, here's a list of some hostgator coupons to different type hosting services

  • A. First month 1 Cent coupon code: iceishot
  • B. 20% off with all shared hosting: sitereview
  • C. 25% Off with all shared hosting: review25off
  • D. 25% off with reseller hosting plan: resellerpack25

Claim hostgator 30% off Now!

What's improved with hostgator?

Hostgator has been the industry leader in the past years and their business is still madly growing. They're well known for stable linux hosting provider since from the start, but now hostgator windows hosting service launced due to the large requests. Hostgator finally put on the windows hat and started the competition with all other windows hosting companies. Although it's a new service with hostgator, with their huge impact in the industry, they will still get a lot of business.

Anything to be aware of hostgator service?

There's no really serious problem you need to care about. Hostgator manages a large business over the world and there must be many positive and negative comments about their services, it's absolutely quite common. When you hear someone complains about their service, just think about their general business size and quality. Most people still think hostgator is the best and always recommended for budget hosting provider. Personally I would love to give it a try for so great hosting features and affordable hosting plans. You might find nowhere else for this price.