Ipower vs Ipowerweb vs Powweb

Ipower vs ipowerweb vs powweb

Have you ever heard any of those names? Do you know what's their relationship besides the similar domain names? If you're going to deal with any of hosting brands above, you should read over this article and then make the decision.

Ipower introduction — Ipower was founded in 2001 by Thomas Gorny, since from the start, their business has been receiving tremendous growth and quickly got listed from Inc,5000 magazine. During 2001 ~ 2007, ipower hosting is trusted by over 700,000 customers world wide. For very a long time, the name ipower is a very popular and respected brand from hosting industry.

Ipowerweb introduction — Ipowerweb started their business in early 2000, with successful business marketing and excellent customer support, Ipowerweb distributed several famous reseller brands and their actual service is loved by more than one million clients world wide. The greengeeks CEO "trey gardner" even worked for this company before greengeeks born out.

Powweb introduction — Since 1999, PowWeb has been offering low-cost, rich feature web hosting plans that appeals to a broad spectrum of users. Powweb is outstanding for fully in-house developped hosting infrastructure and customer management.

Ipower vs Ipowerweb vs Powweb

As you see from their introduction, all the three hosting brands have long history in the industry and each of them managed a large scale business world wide. If it's the first time you visit their websites it's really hard to determine which is the best. Also, since they have very similiar website names it always creates some kind of confusion to people. BUT, if you're really going to deal with one of them, please read below before signing up!

What's their relationship?

Indeed, all the three brands are well known in the industry, but I will tell you their current status — They're all merged together and managed by the same companyEIG.

Powweb — Acquired by EIG in year 2006
Ipowerweb — Acquired by EIG in year 2007
Ipower — Acquired by EIG in year 2008

If you still not sure who EIG is, you can read our EIG Hosting article to learn more. So basically, no matter which one you choose, you're actually dealing with the same service, same support, the only difference is the discount rate you can receive from them.

So, to expand more beyond their comparison, you may also note that Dot5hosting, startlogic and fatcow are also their partner site. They're all located at the same datacenter, same management interface. If you're going to deal with any of them, just choose the lowest price one — Fatcow! only $44/yr special offer today!

Go to http://www.fatcow.com and check out the special!

Best Alternative choice beyond above?

I have to say many people dislike the service offered by EIG hosting, if you want to escape their business and need a new decent hosting provider, we highly recommend Arvixe to host your website. Arvixe is offerring both Windows and Linux web hosting with affordable hosting plans, the best of the best you receive world class friendly customer support. Hosting with arvixe simply means half success generated to your business from start!

Go to http://www.arvixe.com and learn more!

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