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Godaddy Shoot Africa Elephant

bob parsons shot an elephant

Godaddy Shoot Elephant in Africa

Godaddy vs the Africa elephants should be one of the most hot topics on internet. We might have estimated what kind of effect it will bring to godaddy for their CEO's action.

Why godaddy shoot elephant?

Maybe I should replace godaddy via godaddy ceo because it's bob parson's personal affairs, but since he's the leader of godaddy group, he's more or less equal to godaddy actually.

From a recent bob's blog post, he uploaded a video of himself hunting and killing an elephant in Zimbabwe. it made a firestorm over the internet. Here're the reason why he did this:

"I gradually became aware of the problem elephants through talking with my friends there, and the problems they were having with their fields and crops being destroyed. I was seeing people on the brink of starvation, or actually starving. So I was invited by the tribal council to participate in a problem elephant control team and that is what I did."

Why bob is wrong?

It's absolutely wrong for anybody to kill wildlife for any reason. Bob stated he killed the elephant simply because it's destroying the crops and fields in that district. So should the elephant be killed? Can't people give some more space to animals or set up fences to keep space with them?

Bob said he spent around $60,000 ~ $70,000 to this journey, so he said he has no money to donate the elephant protection program. What a lie, his travel fees would be a big donate to deal with human-wildlife conflict but he never done so. What's worse is he even make the hunting story a video and uploaded to personal blog but never say sorry about his work. Here's the video he uploaded:

Think about the killed elephant and any other animals killed by our people, shouldn't we feel sorry for what we did? Save your money and stop paying to this company if you think they're doing wrong as well.

More about Godaddy

Godaddy founder – Bob parsons, survival from the Vetnam war in US Army and setup godaddy after return to US. His story is a legend in the industry, his name and  company is always respected by people. Godaddy's main business is domain registration and web hosting. Till present, godaddy is the world's largest domain registrar, the number of domain registration is uprising per second.

Note: Namecheap, a leading domain registrar based in Los Angeles, announced to donate to Save the Elephants in Response to GoDaddy Elephant Hunt.

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Bluehost is Acquired by EIG

bluehost endurance

Bluehost is Acquired by EIG

This news is already a hot topic since from some time ago when the acquisition is just in planning, we're still shocked by confirming bluehost is finally got sold to EIG.

Bluehost overview

Bluehost is one of the biggest and top rated hosting companies by offerring excellent customer support as well as outstanding hosting features. Bluehost is the primary choice for many webmasters for their reliable services. their yearly revenue is over 85 million dollars with thousands of new sign ups every day!

EIG Overview

You might not be quite familiar with this name, their full name is endurance International Group. Their main business is to purchase every possible hosting companies on the internet and earn from those existing markets. Some famous hosting brands such as Ipage, Fatcow, Ipower, Justhost etc are all managed by EIG. So no matter which company you choose to go, you're actually dealing with the same stuff.

The future of Bluehost

Bluehost is a respected name in the industry and of course a big money maker no matter who the owner is. Bluehost is a featured cpanel hosting, we're not sure if it's going to be a vdeck hosting since everything will be managed under EIG technologies. Good news is bluehost has a big amount clients globally so I'm sure the EIG company will take it very carefully to avoid those "transition issues". Just take a look at the hosting industry, independent big famous hosting comapnies are less and less. I'm not sure how much EIG has spent to purchase bluehost but it's indeed bad news to everyone who has experience with EIG. The effect may not be instant but surely you will deal with it.

Who to choose beyond bluehost?

Since bluehost is no longer the bluehost, I'm sure many people would like to switch and start the journey to search another good host. Yes, it's advised to find another reliable and stable hosting provider other than to deal with problems.

WebhostingHub is the best linux hosting choice if you are ready to leave bluehost, it's highly recommended if you like to continue with bluehost's good experience with extra bonus such as faster server and more security protection. Webhostinghub standard cpanel hosting, free domain name, unlimited space & bandwidth. The best of the best is you have up to 90 days trail period.

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Beside Webhostinghub, Arvixe is another top web hosting provider for both Linux and windows support. The arvixe hosting servers are configured with latest server hardware production and OS updates, every products are standard offer in the industry, arvixe is also our golden hosting sponsor and by far the best hosting we have experienced with.

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Justhost is Acquired by EIG

justhost sold to eig

Justhost Is Acquired by endurance

Justhost is one of the best web hosts in the industry but now it's acquired again like the first hosting setup by Chris Phillips. EIG now is the new owner of Justhost and new hosting layout will be released shortly. In few months you will see a new interface from justhost official page.

Justhost Hosting Introduction

Justhost is one of the top 10 hosting provider recommended by many webmasters and host review websites. Justhost featured as low price, plenty of excellent hosting features. Within just two years justhost has been growing fast from nothing to one of the most respected name in this industry. Their team is quite smart in marketing and SEO technologies. By offering most services as unlimited with 24×7 tech support, the justhost service is now powering over half million websites on the globe. You can not find another business success like this especially for a hosting brand with less than 5 years' development.

Justhost History

Justhost is a brand of The justdevelopit company and their leader previously setup another hosting company called "Dot5hosting" and finally sold to Endurance, their leader was suddenly one of the richest man at that time. As time goes by, he created another world class hosting brand after years' preparation – Justhost, with their team's hard working and outstanding SEO technologies, justhost is quickly growing to one of the most famous hosting brand in the world. Absolutely, it's a big success to justhost as well as their clients since they're indeed offering outstanding hosting services.

How does the acquiration affect justhost?

We're suprised when we heard the news. I can not believe EIG would purchase such a big hosting company in few months after another acquiration of webhost4life. It's hard to say if it's good news to justhost future since the EIG really left bad impressions to people. But surely everything from justhost end will be changed such as hosting plan offer, control panel and all existing programs. What we extremely hope is there will be no much "hosting transition" issues like EIG did from other hosting brands. Since justhost is a standard Cpanel hosting, after transfered to EIG, there will be Vdeck only for all clients, people will have to spend some time to familiar with new system.

Fortunately, nothing changed with the justhost service after merged to endurance. They keep everything as before with no forced migration like other webhosts purchased by endurance. Justhost is also the first cpanel hosting brand by their new owner. From the next acquisitions over other popular brands like bluehost, hostmonster etc, endurance handled everything properly and quietly just like nothing happend.

The future of hosting industry

From nowaday's hosting industry, more and more hosting companies are being merged or acquired by some large providers and you can hardly find a hosting brand outstanding over 10 years. From godaddy acquiration news to Justhost. The hosting business are gradually conquered by several largest hosting providers. The newly born hosting companies will have to work harder to get customers and mostly they will be acquired by those monstors in the business. Justhost is the best example. We are eager to see a hosting company which will be working independently for decades.