Comparison among different hosting services on all popular aspecs including hosting plan technical features, connection speed, customer support, security and price value etc. The purpose of the comparison is to help find the perfect plan to support your website requirements.

Arvixe vs Ix web hosting

arvixe vs ixwebhosting

Both arvixe and ixwebhosting are reputable cheap hosting providers who can provide rich feature linux and windows hosting plans. However, their services are offered in completely different ways and there're lots of different features in case you're not awared yet. Should you choose arvixe or ixwebhosting for successful website? We have websites hosted with both services since 2 years before for personal blogs and community websites. If you have hesitated about the two services and not sure which to go, we have compiled a list of comprison between arvixe and ixwebhosting. Learn both pros and cons for right choice.

About Arvixe
Arvixe( was created by Arvand in 2003 when he was still a high school student. Arvixe provides both windows and linux hosting solutions with pretty standard configurations. Starts from $4/mo you get free domain registration, multiple domain hosting and one click scripts installer with up to 60 days full money back guarantee. Since 2008, there're more than half million websites being hosted on arvixe servers with over 100 new join ups per day.

About Ixwebhosting
Ixwebhosting( is one of the olddest hosting providers which is opened in 1999 by Ecommerce Inc Group. Since from the very beginning, ix company has been featured for affordable and reliable web hosting provider with both windows and linux options. Till present, ixwebhosting provides shared, vps and cloud server plans to meet up with your different website requirements.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Hosting Features

Both arvixe and ixwebhosting provide rich feature hosting plans with upgrade opportunities. Since shared hosting is the most popular choice for both service, we'll compare main features between the two webhosts via table views

Brands Arvixe Ixwebhosting
Free Domain 1 1-3
Storage/Traffic Unlimit Unlimit
Mysql/Mssql Unlimit Unlimit
Dedicated IP $2/mo 2-15 free 2.0-4.5 2.0-3.5
PHP 5.2-5.4 5.2-5.3

From above table list we learnt arvixe wins for up to date php/ frameworks support but ix service provides you lots of free dedicated ips. Regarding to sql server database, arvixe provides latest sql server 2012 while it's still on 2005 for ix server. You might no longer need the old database service unless you're still programming outdated applications.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Control Panel

Arvixe provides standard cpanel for linux hosting plans and websitepanel for windows servers. Both control panel systems are standard choice by most hosting providers. The big advantage is you will get lots of online help resource in case you're not familar with it for the first time use. Both softwares are supported by large communities with frequent updates for better performance and security.

Ixwebhosting ultilizes a different control panel called "H-Sphere" which is provided by Paralles group. Actually, ix is the only hosting company with this control panel support from the industry today. H-sphere is provided for both windows and linux OS with simple and user friendly navigations. You wouldn't find any problem in using this control panel. It's especially helpful if you want to transfer your website from old hosting space as explained from website migration tips. However, seems the software vendor already stopped it's development and many functions are outdated. For example the scripts installer, wordpress is still provided on version 2.7 and joomla is still on 1.5. Pretty old comparing to most current release.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Server Platform

Arvixe wins on server platforms. Arvixe installed latest version Centos and windows server 2012 on newest DELL server production. Both platforms are deeply optimized to work with different scripts based their 10+ years experience. IX linux servers are Centos 5 based by checking with support, however, their windows server is pretty outdate – server 2003. That's how people can only get sql server 2005 support and up to .net 3.5 support. It's hard to find another windows hosting company with this OS support today since microsoft will stop its support shortly.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Uptime

Arvixe wins on uptime from third party monitoring service like pingdom. In the past 6 months, the arvixe server uptime is unbeatable 99.98% by our internal status checking tools. The 0.02% down time is happened at midnight when daily backup being processed. I guess it's just a quick service reset to reflect changes. Uptime status on ix server can be recognized as acceptable but absolutely not perfect. Reports of the past 3 months server uptime is 95.6%. From webmaster experience and online discussion, their service is heavily abused by website farm for seo purpose because of their free dedicated ip bonus. So for this consideration, their dedicated ip offer is a double-edged sword.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Support Availability

Both arvixe and ix provide decent support in multiple channels like live chat, email, toll free phone calls and tickets. Their team also created resourceful knowledge base with FAQs, video tutorials and graphic guidance.Their people are also active in blog posts and lots of online community forums to answer users' questions. Main difference between ix and arvixe support is arvixe doesn't have a headquarter, their support staffs are everywhere of the country with virtual management. Ix support are all from the same office with 24×7 operation. What really makes ix different is they can provide multiple languages support including Chinese, they even have Chinese version hosting site as we revealed before. Arvixe does not have similar support at the moment.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Price Value

Arvixe personal class starts with $4/mo with up to 30% discounts if you subscribe 2 years upfront, so the final monthly cost is reduced to $2.8/mo. Absolutely the best price with leading features included. If you prefer to windows hosting instead, $5/mo with 30% discount, the actual fee is $3.5/mo. You can't find better price anywhere else. On ix service, the initial cost is $3.95/mo for personal linux plan. After applied the highest ixwebhosting coupon, the cost can be reduced to $2.96/mo, almost the same as arvixe service. But if you need to purchase windows hosting service, the cost is pretty high($9.95/mo). Based all above explanation to its windows server configuration, there's no reason to spend money for such service while we can get much better price value from arvixe.


Arvixe wins comparing to ixwebhosting. If you have hesitated in choosing the two, now you can go with arvixe with no worry either for better performance or better price.

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WebhostingHub vs Hostgator

webhostinghub vs hostgator

WebhostingHub is better than Hostgator by editorial experience and in-depth reviews by our professional communities. If you're in need of professional and rock-solid web hosting service for small business site, webhostinghub is your hero choice to archive your business success.

About WebhostingHub

Webhostinghub( is dedicated designed for personal and small business website solutions. As we have been discussed from various topics, webhostinghub ultilize the same server and network facilities of inmotion hosting. Being sister brands, both inmotion and webhostinghub received very positive reviews by existing clients and industry communities. Webhostinghub provides very standard cpanel hosting services with state of the art features to help with your website deployment and business success.

About Hostgator

HostGator( is the most famous reseller hosting provider since 2002. Hostgator provides multiple hosting solutions vary from shared to dedicated server hosting. Hostgator operate both windows and linux platforms by cpanel and plesk solutions. In 2012, hostgator was merged into Endurance group and since from the last month, hostgator started migration to new datacenters.

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Our webhostinghub vs hostgator mainly focus on shared hosting solutions since webhostinghub only provides a single shared hosting plan. Our comparison will be on hosting plan features, web srever speed, network availability and support quality. We'll start one by one with comprehensive details.

Webhostinghub vs Hostgator – Hosting Plan Features

Webhostinghub is featured with a single shared hosting plan for most service unlimited. On the other hand, hostgator provides total of 3 shared solutions(Hatchling, baby and business). Higher plan comes more features included such as the ability to host more domains, free dedicated ip etc. Take a look at the below comparison list for quick understanding between webhostinghub and hostgator features

Core feature HG Hatchling HG Baby WebhostingHub
Domain Allowed 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Space/Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Money back Guarantee 45 days 45 days 90 days
Price $3.96/mo $6.36/mo $4.99/mo
Ratings A- A A+

As showing from above table, webhostinghub provides much better features than hostgator. Webhostinghub also provide "su-php" feature which is not provided by most other shared hosting service. The su-php module will protect your php scripts on coding level but it will require extra server resources to work with. The only spotlight from hostgator is the opportunity to sign up windows hosting plans. But seems they have stopped further development to this platform because everything stopped from the very initial setup. While most leading windows servers are configured on server 2012, they're still operating on 2008 platform with old technologies.

WebHostingHub vs Hostgator – Server Performance

Both Webhostinghub & Hostgator ultilize DELL server production as announced by their official team. However, webhostinghub wins on network configuration and selling policies. The webhostinghub data centers are setup from east and west coasts with max speed zone configuration. It means when somebody trying to logon your website, it will pickup the most nearby network nodes to load the contents so your visitors don't have to wait long in order to reach your site. WebhostingHub also strictly follow up their no-overselling policy to ensure the best performance on your website. In order to approve their confidence in offering the best hosting service to clients, they provide every customer 90 days full refund guarantee. If you're not satisfied with their hosting you can request cancellation and full refund will be applied. This policy simply makes their hosting service 100% worry free to deal with.

webhostinghub server speed

On hostgator end, they're currently mainly powered by softlayer data centers. This datacenter is recognized the largest and most safe one by the industry. Softlayer almost take advantages of all available network services to deliver the most stable connection. But the hostgator servers are centrally managed by a single datacenter space, means if you have clients from west and east coasts they might get different waiting time to connect your website. Recently, hostgator is migrating to new datacenters in Utah. During this process, many users post compliants saying their website/database not connecting. Based our experience from other EIG brands, the migration will produce pains to lots of people.

If you have navigated through their website, you will find a speed comparison provided by webhostinghub. They proudly list out several leading brands and compared their speed  with webhostinghub server. A general 10% faster than all competitors' server, the webhostinghub server speed is approved by lots of third party communities and services such as pingdom, netcraft etc. For faster and extra security support, webhostinghub is much better choice than hostgator.

WebHostingHub vs Hostgator – Support Availability

Both webhostinghub and hostgator announce to provide support in multiple channels including web chat, email, tickets and toll free phone calls. But webhostinghub is more responsive with our personal experiencing in contacting their people. We tried to contact hostgator for copyright issues. We thought the online chat would be the fastest connection to their team so filled out the chat form. But after that there's only a timer displayed saying 4 minutes waiting.. 3 minutes waiting. I finally disconnected and looking for other channels. But the case is completely different from webhostinghub site. We tried to ask a sales question in signing up their service. Their representative got me connected with quick and professional answer.

Webhostinghub also provides one of the most comprehensive knowledge base and video tutorials. They designed FAQs and video guidance to almost every services they have. Based such resources, users don't have to contact support representatives for most common issues. As about hostgator, they seem to be more active in support forums, you can ask questions their, a valued existing customer or support staff will respond fastly.


Webhostinghub is better choice for personal and small business website solutions based on the in-depth comparison. Especially when referring to rich feature plan and loading speed, webhostinghub will provide people much better price value than hostgator hosting.

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Justhost vs Bluehost

Justhost vs Bluehost

Recently, there're lots of changes being made to both justhost and bluehost service. The changes/updates almost happend the same time from both web hosts. They upgraded from all-in-one shared hosting service to multiple hosting plans including VPS and dedicated server. Have you ever interested with either of the hosting service? Today we will give an indepth comparison between justhost and bluehost based server reliability, hosting features, customer support and price value.

Justhost vs Bluehost – Hosting Features

Both justhost and bluehost were started as shared hosting providers on linux platform. Their shared hosting core features include:

Features Free domain SSH Domain hosting Mysql Disk/Traffic Money back PHP/Perl/Python
Justhost 1 yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 days yes
Bluehost 1 yes unlimited unlimited unlimited 30 days yes

In the end of March this year, both justhost and bluehost group launched VPS & Dedicated server hosting plans. From our previous explanation over bluehost dedicated server plan, it's perfect service either from server configuration or price value. What about justhost? If you check the plan features side by side you will find it's almost mirrored from bluehost website! Same price, same server configurations and almost the same layouts.

justhost vps plans

Bluehost vps plans

We have not tried the justhost vps or dedicated server service yet. However, after our communication with their support and our own digs over their servers, we found the justhost servers are indeed from the same place of bluehost. Means both the bluehost & justhost servers are configured with the same hardware/software as well as network specifications!

Justhost vs Bluehost – Reliability

Justhost is sharing the same popularity of bluehost with only 2 years development. Justhost is recongized cheap and reliable web hosting provider for small to medium size websites. Till present, justhost is hosting more than 1 million websites on the planet and there're over 1000 new customers joining in per month. There're tons of reviews and customer feedbacks to justhost service, over 90% people are satisfied with their service. From the continuous monitoring on pingdom for our wordoress website hosted on justhost server, the uptime is unbeatable 100%!

Comparing to justhost, bluehost is one of the largest and most reputable web hosting providers from the industry. For very a long time, bluehost is the main competitor for most famous hosting groups like hostgator. Unlike most other web hosts, bluehost setup their own tier 4 datacenters in Utah. Their team configured everything with years of experience in IT industry. Because bluehost manages everything by their own, they can offer guaranteed CPU and RAM resources for very high security protection! They even allow users to see IN REAL TIME exactly what processes they are running that put them over the CPU limit. Based all their advantages, bluehost server is 120% faster than most their competitors and uptime is unbeatable 99.97% for years!

Justhost vs Bluehost – Customer Support

Both justhost and bluehost provide 24×7 live support over chat, toll free phone calls and ticket system. Although they both merged into EIG group, their support people are still managed by old staffs. Bluehost support is very knowlegeable in handleing tech problems with our live experience. Bluehost is currently supported by over 400 people from level 1 to level 3 technicians. They're well trained to deal with various problems for their service. Over half reported issues can be handled & fixed on live chat support directly, this rate is unbeatable comparing to most other hosting services.

Justhost provides something extra if you have read the justhost coupon page. There's a virtual support client provided by justhost. However, it's only provided during account sign up process. You won't find this option from regular support contacting.

Justhost vs Bluehost – Price Value

Bluehost is offering their hosting service from $4.95/mo. However, if you sign up through our exclusive promotional link you will get $3.95 special price which is by far the best offer from bluehost group. With this price you get all advantages from bluehost service.

The justhost price is better than bluehost. They're now promoting their service for only $2.25/mo which is absolutely leading from the entire industry. Go to justhost and claim $2.25/mo special today!


Both justhost and bluehost are good hosting companies. Especially when they both merged into EIG company, they share the same server advantages and network specifications. They're powering multi-millions global websites by offering super nice support. However, if you need better price then justhost will be your choice because all bluehost advantages are included there.

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Justhost vs WebhostingHub

Justhost vs Webhostinghub

Justhost and Webhostinghub are the most reputable cheap web hosting providers with cpanel support. They both come with unlimited features like disk storage and monthly data transfer. However, there will be huge difference depends your exact web hosting needs. We have compiled an indepth comparison based their hosting features, server performance, user ratings as well as price value. If you're hesitating between the two, please read this comparison first!

Justhost( was formed in 2008. Since from their business beginning, they're featured with all-in-one hosting solution and leading offers. With only 2 years growing up, justhost is rated top on various best web hosting rankings. Till present, there're over 1 million of global websites being powered by justhost service and over 1000 new join ups per month. With $2.95/mo super affordable price, justhost has been recognized the best cheap hosting service. Read more about justhost review.

Webhostinghub( is sister brand of inmotion hosting who's rated the best business hosting service. There's only a single shared web hosting plan offered by webhostinghub with almost everything included. The webhostinghub service is powered by datacenters on both eastcoast and westcoast with max speed zone enabled. Based all their network advantages and no oversale policy, webhostinghub is rated the best fast hosting. Read more about webhostinghub review.

Justhost vs WebhostingHub – Features

Shared hosting plans by both justhost & webhostinghub come with very similar hosting features except their full money back periods. The following table compares the features of justhost and webhostinghub.

Brands Justhost WebhostingHub
Free domain Yes Yes
Hosting sites Unlimited Unlimited
PHP Yes Yes
su-PHP No Yes
Mysql database Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Datacenters No Yes
Shell(SSH)Access Yes No
Money back guarantee 30 days 90 days

As we see, justhost provides 30 days full money back guarantee while it's 90 days from webhostinghub. Webhostinghub also highlights their hosting by suPHP which is rare offer from all other shared hosting providers. suPHP will protect your php codes with extra security so your website will be secured with one more layer.

However, we should note that justhost now provides VPS and dedicated server solutions with servers powered by bluehost datacenters. The server features and price are exactly the same as bluehost dedicated server hosting. Because of this, you no longer need to worry about the quick growth of your website because you can always upgrade to higher hosting solutions with zero downtime!

Justhost vs WebhostingHub – Performance

Justhost and webhostinghub both provide unlimited hosting service. However, webhostinghub server is performing better than justhost from our 3+ years experience with their service. The justhost servers are powered in the same datacenter of EIG. Although the performance increased a lot comparing to their old times, they configured multiple restrictions for their hosting servers like 10% CPU/memory limitation etc. The justhost server configuration is not very clear. Based our experience with EIG, the justhost servers should all be setup by EIG workflows where RAID10 disk storage and NAS configured.

Webhostinghub is pretty clear on both server/network configurations. Their hosting service is powered by DELL servers with RAID10 disk storage and 32GB RAM on Centos platform. Their servers are powered in two datacenters on both east and westcoasts. They also co-operate with lots of leading datacenter groups to setup CDN services and make sure you can always get fast website response. Another spotlight with webhostinghub service is their sales policy, they announced no overselling on all hosting servers and make sure you get what they guaranteed.

justhost vs webhostinghub

Justhost vs WebhostingHub – Reliability

Justhost and webhostinghub are both highly reliable, scalable in offering shared web hosting services. Webhostinghub is fast, however please keep in mind you can only host small to medium size websites with their service based their shared feature. Means you will have to change web hosts once your website outgrowed the shared server. Such case will not happen from justhost from now on because you have both VPS and dedicated server choice with their service. Their support will provide free migration to higher platforms when you decide to upgrade.

Regardless their difference, both justhost and webhostinghub have unbeatable low cancellation rate. Most their clients are 100% satisfied with their hosting services. Caculated from 2010 till present, their cancellation rate is always under 5%, means over 95% existing clients feel content with their service. More than 1000 new signups per month is the big proof of their service quality!

Justhost vs WebhostingHub – Pricing

Justhost provides better price than webhostinghub since from the very beginning. For now, justhost offers $2.25/mo hosting which is absolutely leading from the industry. Also, if you decide to sign up their VPS or dedicated server service, you can get 50% discount for the first month based their current promotion!

On the other hand, the webhostinghub hosting is little expensive to deal with. You will need to pay $4.99/mo to take all above mentioned advantages. However, if you sign up through our exclusive promotional link you can get one buck off and reduce the cost to $3.99/mo!


If you need a web hosting service that comes with fast loading speed, webhostinghub will be one of the best choice based their advantages. But if you need to host an ecommerce application with fast website growth and may need vps or dedicated server solutions in near future, justhost is absolutely better than webhostinghub. For now, you can enjoy their shared hosting service for only $2.25/mo!

justhost vs webhostinghub

iPage vs Bluehost

iPage vs Bluehost

Bluehost is better choice than ipage from indepth reviews and professionals experience. If you feel hard to choose between the two web hosts, we're going to compare by industry reputation, plan features, server performance, customer support and price value. You will make smart choice based your real needs.

iPage is one of the oldest web hosting providers and has been offering leading hosting service to individuals and medium size business. iPage is most well known for it's low cost and rich feature hosting solutions. Their hosting is powering more than 1000,000 websites by over 30,0000 global clients. iPage is rated the best budget web hosting provider by most communities.

Bluehost was setup in the next year of ipage creation and it's now one of the biggest hosting providers. Bluehost started as pure linux hosting provider with standard management tools. With it's fast business growth and leading technologies, bluehost setup their own datacenters in Utah. Their hosting is supported by hundreds of technicians who have years of development experience.

iPage vs Bluehost – Hosting Features

iPage comes with a single shared hosting plan and provides unlimited features. The ipage hosting is configured on Debian linux server with Vdeck hosting control panel. With vdeck you can take advantages of simplescripts installer and free sitebuilder wizard as well as instant store builder wizard. However, you can't host perl, python or ruby on rails application on ipage hosting server because it's not supported yet. The spotlight of ipage hosting is you can manage everything under the same center such as accounting, website creation and marketing etc, their team has programmed google webmaster tools in hosting control panel.

On the other hand, bluehost offers standard cpanel hosting service with all advantages on centos platform. There you can host unlimited domain names with SSH access and cutting-edge tech support. The bluehost simply provides full-featured shared hosting plan that be able to support different website technologies. Besides the shared hosting solution, bluehost recently launched dedicated server plans with very affordable price ($100 off!). You don't have to worry your website future growth for changing hosts!

iPage vs Bluehost – Server Performance

With regard to performance, bluehost is doing better than ipage. The ipage hosting servers are centrally managed with many other hosting brands under EIG. They share the same hardware/networking specs from the same datacenter location.

Bluehost ultilize their own datacenter space and has full access to all datacenter features. They have total of 3 world class tier-4 datacenters with multiple upstream network backbones. Instead using any existing server platforms, their group developed their own server kernel that's completely optimized for hosting server purpose. Their founder Matt heaton launched betterlinux which is recognized one of the best hosting server platform. Because of this, the bluehost server is much faster(≤300ms) than ipage(≤500ms). Bluehost is top recommendation on multiple famous projects like wordpress.

ipage vs bluehost - server speed

iPage vs Bluehost – Customer Support

Bluehost provides Live Chat, Toll-free Phone Call, Email and Ticket support channels. They also designed full featured Online knowledge base by FAQs, Video tutorials etc.

iPage provides similar support features. However they only offer basic support on live chat and always redirect customer to the next support base where will be communicated with less efficiency. With our experience, you have to be a bit patient in order to be supported properly. On the other hand, the bluehost support professionals are available 24×7 from all channels such as chat, phone and tickets. You don't have to wait hours or days to get problem fixed. Most of the time, customer be able to fix problem by themselves by following up their great online tutorials.

iPage vs Bluehost – Price Value

iPage is now offering $1.99/mo special promo which is probably the best price from the industry. However, you can only subscribe 3 months with this price and the rest fee will be $2.95/mo. When your account is due, the renewal fee will go up to $7.95/mo which is not affordable anymore to many people. However, you do have option to sign up multiple years with $1.99/mo special offer by following our special promo link.

Bluehost provides $3.95/mo special price via our exclusive promo link. Their renewal price will also return to normal rate which is $6.95/mo.

Comparing to bluehost, ipage is more affordable choice.


Based above comparison on pros and cons between ipage and bluehost, bluehost wins from the competition. If you highly concern about the host's reputation, business size and overall server performance/support, bluehost is your choice. But if you would like to reduce the web hosting investment as more as possible and be able to fix most problems on your end, ipage is perfect as well.

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Bluehost vs WP Engine

Bluehost vs WP Engine

Why do we compare bluehost and wp engine? Because they're mostly recommended wordpress hosting providers on internet. Bluehost is wordpress official recommendation and wpengine is mostly suggested by professionals. However, based their huge difference in handling the service and price, you can't tell who to choose directly. Here we'll compare bluehost and wp engine from indepth reviews and help with your smart choice.

About Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the most reputable web hosting provider since 2003. Bluehost has been famous for its low cost all in one shared linux hosting plan and leading hosting features. The founder also handle several other IT brands like hostmonster, fastdomain and betterlinux etc. In this year, bluehost also launched dedicated server service for very affordable price. Read more about Bluehost review.

About WP Engine

WP Engine is pretty new in hosting industry(founded in 2011). Unlike all other traditional web hosting providers, wp engine solely focus on providing wordpress hosting. Their team is composed by a group of wp experts who fully understand how to optimize your wordpress site and deal with all problems. Their people also provide wordpress scripting service if you're wordpress developer. Read more about WP engine review

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Hosting plan features

Bluehost provides full featured linux hosting service and claim to offer all features "unlimited". Their core features include free domain, unlimited domain hosting and SSH access. You can host almost all linux based web scripts with bluehost cutting-edge technology.

Comparing to bluehost, the WP Engine rich features are all wordpress based and solely optimized for wordpress website purpose. WP Engine group provides multiple wordpress hosting plans that's separated by different wordpress installations and number of monthly visits etc.. The price starts at $29/mo with single wordpress installation. Obviously, if you need budget choice to host your custom designed website, wp engine is not a good choice.

wpengine hosting plans

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Hosting Control Panel

If you have been used to the industry standard management softwares such as cpanel/plesk/websitepanel, bluehost is good choice there because they're offering 100% cpanel hosting service with all features included. There you can manage domain names, databases, web stats and all website related services. Also, you're able to install most php mysql scripts via their one click installer "simplescripts".

On the other hand, WP Engine provides a inhouse designed control panel that's mainly used for billing and simple wordpress installation. All other functions are not included because they believe people be manage most services directly from wordpress admin side. Basically, if you're wordpress professional user and don't really need a powerful hosting control panel but just want a powerful server and support, wpengine is perfect choice. If you highly rely on powerful hosting control panel to manage your website, bluehost is absolutely the right place.

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Performance & Reliability

Bluehost has more than 16 years in hosting industry since 1996. Bluehost also setup 3 world class datacenters by their own in Utah with cutting-edge technology. Their service is powered by over 500 employees and serving multi-millions of global clients. From most peoples feedbacks and live monitoring by third party services like pingdom, the bluehost server uptime and network response is pretty high comparing to most their competitors. It might have explained why there're over 20000 new clients joing in every month!

WP Engine only support wordpress site so they can setup hosting servers based the exact requirement and do optimization on it. They're outstanding in offering professional wordpress hosting service. No matter what kind of wordpress based applications will get perfect solution with WP Engine. If you have to use wordpress platform for your website development and you will receive large visits on the site, WP Engine will be better choice than bluehost.

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Price value

Bluehost shared hosting plan just starts at $3.95/mo by following our exclusive promo link With this price you can take all linux hosting advantages for small to enterprise websites. You also have the opportunity to host other website scripts like joomla, drupal as well as ecommerce site scripts such as open cart, magento and oscommerce etc.

Instead, WP Engine only focus on wordpress and you can only host wordpress script on their server. You get very limited access to server space. Their service means to provide outstanding performance on your wordpress site by professional tech supports. Their price starts on $29/mo to $249/mo based the number of hosted sites and number of monthly visits. Unless you really have to go wordpress with that high requirements, wpengine is very expensive choice. If you currently hosted with bluehost and outgrew shared server, you have choice to upgrade to dedicated server for only $79/mo! When you need to have full control for hosting server and keep everything on hand, bluehost is absolutely better choice than WP Engine.

Bluehost vs WP Engine – User Experience

If you search on the internet about bluehost and wp engine, most users will talk about the various advantages of wpengine because of their professionality in doing wordpress hosting! But most of them are BIG wordpress users who ultilize wordpress on large traffic wordpress site! WP Engine does do well because you pay several times more than bluehost budget hosting plan. You won't find a person who host a simple personal blog on wpengine and see how happy he is.

Bluehost is managing a huge business on the planet(over 2 millions clients), they receive hundreds and thousands of positive reviews by professionals and website users. Actually, after they offered the dedicated server hosting plans, they don't have any weakness comparing to wpengine. You can host your heavy traffic on their dedicated servers safely.


WP Engine is good but only good for large size wordpress site. You have to move out bluehost shared hosting before they give out dedicated server opportunity. However you don't have to do so now because their powerful and affordable dedicated servers are good enough to handle your heavy traffic website. You have choice to host any kind site but not limited on wordpress script like WP Engine! No matter if you're going to use wordpress or any other scripts, bluehost will be your succes choice today!

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