Justhost vs WebhostingHub

Justhost vs Webhostinghub

Justhost and Webhostinghub are the most reputable cheap web hosting providers with cpanel support. They both come with unlimited features like disk storage and monthly data transfer. However, there will be huge difference depends your exact web hosting needs. We have compiled an indepth comparison based their hosting features, server performance, user ratings as well as price value. If you're hesitating between the two, please read this comparison first!

Justhost(http://www.justhost.com) was formed in 2008. Since from their business beginning, they're featured with all-in-one hosting solution and leading offers. With only 2 years growing up, justhost is rated top on various best web hosting rankings. Till present, there're over 1 million of global websites being powered by justhost service and over 1000 new join ups per month. With $2.95/mo super affordable price, justhost has been recognized the best cheap hosting service. Read more about justhost review.

Webhostinghub(http://www.webhostinghub.com) is sister brand of inmotion hosting who's rated the best business hosting service. There's only a single shared web hosting plan offered by webhostinghub with almost everything included. The webhostinghub service is powered by datacenters on both eastcoast and westcoast with max speed zone enabled. Based all their network advantages and no oversale policy, webhostinghub is rated the best fast hosting. Read more about webhostinghub review.

Justhost vs WebhostingHub – Features

Shared hosting plans by both justhost & webhostinghub come with very similar hosting features except their full money back periods. The following table compares the features of justhost and webhostinghub.

Brands Justhost WebhostingHub
Free domain Yes Yes
Hosting sites Unlimited Unlimited
PHP Yes Yes
su-PHP No Yes
Mysql database Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Datacenters No Yes
Shell(SSH)Access Yes No
Money back guarantee 30 days 90 days

As we see, justhost provides 30 days full money back guarantee while it's 90 days from webhostinghub. Webhostinghub also highlights their hosting by suPHP which is rare offer from all other shared hosting providers. suPHP will protect your php codes with extra security so your website will be secured with one more layer.

However, we should note that justhost now provides VPS and dedicated server solutions with servers powered by bluehost datacenters. The server features and price are exactly the same as bluehost dedicated server hosting. Because of this, you no longer need to worry about the quick growth of your website because you can always upgrade to higher hosting solutions with zero downtime!

Justhost vs WebhostingHub – Performance

Justhost and webhostinghub both provide unlimited hosting service. However, webhostinghub server is performing better than justhost from our 3+ years experience with their service. The justhost servers are powered in the same datacenter of EIG. Although the performance increased a lot comparing to their old times, they configured multiple restrictions for their hosting servers like 10% CPU/memory limitation etc. The justhost server configuration is not very clear. Based our experience with EIG, the justhost servers should all be setup by EIG workflows where RAID10 disk storage and NAS configured.

Webhostinghub is pretty clear on both server/network configurations. Their hosting service is powered by DELL servers with RAID10 disk storage and 32GB RAM on Centos platform. Their servers are powered in two datacenters on both east and westcoasts. They also co-operate with lots of leading datacenter groups to setup CDN services and make sure you can always get fast website response. Another spotlight with webhostinghub service is their sales policy, they announced no overselling on all hosting servers and make sure you get what they guaranteed.

justhost vs webhostinghub

Justhost vs WebhostingHub – Reliability

Justhost and webhostinghub are both highly reliable, scalable in offering shared web hosting services. Webhostinghub is fast, however please keep in mind you can only host small to medium size websites with their service based their shared feature. Means you will have to change web hosts once your website outgrowed the shared server. Such case will not happen from justhost from now on because you have both VPS and dedicated server choice with their service. Their support will provide free migration to higher platforms when you decide to upgrade.

Regardless their difference, both justhost and webhostinghub have unbeatable low cancellation rate. Most their clients are 100% satisfied with their hosting services. Caculated from 2010 till present, their cancellation rate is always under 5%, means over 95% existing clients feel content with their service. More than 1000 new signups per month is the big proof of their service quality!

Justhost vs WebhostingHub – Pricing

Justhost provides better price than webhostinghub since from the very beginning. For now, justhost offers $2.25/mo hosting which is absolutely leading from the industry. Also, if you decide to sign up their VPS or dedicated server service, you can get 50% discount for the first month based their current promotion!

On the other hand, the webhostinghub hosting is little expensive to deal with. You will need to pay $4.99/mo to take all above mentioned advantages. However, if you sign up through our exclusive promotional link you can get one buck off and reduce the cost to $3.99/mo!


If you need a web hosting service that comes with fast loading speed, webhostinghub will be one of the best choice based their advantages. But if you need to host an ecommerce application with fast website growth and may need vps or dedicated server solutions in near future, justhost is absolutely better than webhostinghub. For now, you can enjoy their shared hosting service for only $2.25/mo!

justhost vs webhostinghub

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