Arvixe vs Ix web hosting

arvixe vs ixwebhosting

Both arvixe and ixwebhosting are reputable cheap hosting providers who can provide rich feature linux and windows hosting plans. However, their services are offered in completely different ways and there're lots of different features in case you're not awared yet. Should you choose arvixe or ixwebhosting for successful website? We have websites hosted with both services since 2 years before for personal blogs and community websites. If you have hesitated about the two services and not sure which to go, we have compiled a list of comprison between arvixe and ixwebhosting. Learn both pros and cons for right choice.

About Arvixe
Arvixe( was created by Arvand in 2003 when he was still a high school student. Arvixe provides both windows and linux hosting solutions with pretty standard configurations. Starts from $4/mo you get free domain registration, multiple domain hosting and one click scripts installer with up to 60 days full money back guarantee. Since 2008, there're more than half million websites being hosted on arvixe servers with over 100 new join ups per day.

About Ixwebhosting
Ixwebhosting( is one of the olddest hosting providers which is opened in 1999 by Ecommerce Inc Group. Since from the very beginning, ix company has been featured for affordable and reliable web hosting provider with both windows and linux options. Till present, ixwebhosting provides shared, vps and cloud server plans to meet up with your different website requirements.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Hosting Features

Both arvixe and ixwebhosting provide rich feature hosting plans with upgrade opportunities. Since shared hosting is the most popular choice for both service, we'll compare main features between the two webhosts via table views

Brands Arvixe Ixwebhosting
Free Domain 1 1-3
Storage/Traffic Unlimit Unlimit
Mysql/Mssql Unlimit Unlimit
Dedicated IP $2/mo 2-15 free 2.0-4.5 2.0-3.5
PHP 5.2-5.4 5.2-5.3

From above table list we learnt arvixe wins for up to date php/ frameworks support but ix service provides you lots of free dedicated ips. Regarding to sql server database, arvixe provides latest sql server 2012 while it's still on 2005 for ix server. You might no longer need the old database service unless you're still programming outdated applications.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Control Panel

Arvixe provides standard cpanel for linux hosting plans and websitepanel for windows servers. Both control panel systems are standard choice by most hosting providers. The big advantage is you will get lots of online help resource in case you're not familar with it for the first time use. Both softwares are supported by large communities with frequent updates for better performance and security.

Ixwebhosting ultilizes a different control panel called "H-Sphere" which is provided by Paralles group. Actually, ix is the only hosting company with this control panel support from the industry today. H-sphere is provided for both windows and linux OS with simple and user friendly navigations. You wouldn't find any problem in using this control panel. It's especially helpful if you want to transfer your website from old hosting space as explained from website migration tips. However, seems the software vendor already stopped it's development and many functions are outdated. For example the scripts installer, wordpress is still provided on version 2.7 and joomla is still on 1.5. Pretty old comparing to most current release.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Server Platform

Arvixe wins on server platforms. Arvixe installed latest version Centos and windows server 2012 on newest DELL server production. Both platforms are deeply optimized to work with different scripts based their 10+ years experience. IX linux servers are Centos 5 based by checking with support, however, their windows server is pretty outdate – server 2003. That's how people can only get sql server 2005 support and up to .net 3.5 support. It's hard to find another windows hosting company with this OS support today since microsoft will stop its support shortly.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Uptime

Arvixe wins on uptime from third party monitoring service like pingdom. In the past 6 months, the arvixe server uptime is unbeatable 99.98% by our internal status checking tools. The 0.02% down time is happened at midnight when daily backup being processed. I guess it's just a quick service reset to reflect changes. Uptime status on ix server can be recognized as acceptable but absolutely not perfect. Reports of the past 3 months server uptime is 95.6%. From webmaster experience and online discussion, their service is heavily abused by website farm for seo purpose because of their free dedicated ip bonus. So for this consideration, their dedicated ip offer is a double-edged sword.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Support Availability

Both arvixe and ix provide decent support in multiple channels like live chat, email, toll free phone calls and tickets. Their team also created resourceful knowledge base with FAQs, video tutorials and graphic guidance.Their people are also active in blog posts and lots of online community forums to answer users' questions. Main difference between ix and arvixe support is arvixe doesn't have a headquarter, their support staffs are everywhere of the country with virtual management. Ix support are all from the same office with 24×7 operation. What really makes ix different is they can provide multiple languages support including Chinese, they even have Chinese version hosting site as we revealed before. Arvixe does not have similar support at the moment.

Arvixe vs Ixwebhosting – Price Value

Arvixe personal class starts with $4/mo with up to 30% discounts if you subscribe 2 years upfront, so the final monthly cost is reduced to $2.8/mo. Absolutely the best price with leading features included. If you prefer to windows hosting instead, $5/mo with 30% discount, the actual fee is $3.5/mo. You can't find better price anywhere else. On ix service, the initial cost is $3.95/mo for personal linux plan. After applied the highest ixwebhosting coupon, the cost can be reduced to $2.96/mo, almost the same as arvixe service. But if you need to purchase windows hosting service, the cost is pretty high($9.95/mo). Based all above explanation to its windows server configuration, there's no reason to spend money for such service while we can get much better price value from arvixe.


Arvixe wins comparing to ixwebhosting. If you have hesitated in choosing the two, now you can go with arvixe with no worry either for better performance or better price.

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