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Hosting money back guarantee

Money back guarantee is a MUST for web hosting service. No matter the guarantee periods, you can always feel safe to send money to service provider. However, in case you would like to take advantage of this offer, please make sure to fully understand their refund policy or else you may loose money. In this posting we'll introduce the top 3 web hosting services that come with the longest money back guarantee periods. We'll also guide you how to cancel the service with them properly and get your money back.

Best Money Back Guarantee – Inmotiong Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers in hosting industry, it's also the first hosting provider who can offer 90 days leading money back guarantee policy. Within the first 90 days, customer can close hosting service with no questions asked inmotion hosting accounting will return all pre-paid ammount to your payment account. However, please do note there're some items non-refundable including

  • Domain Name Inmotion hosting provides one free domain name registration/transfer for every clients for the first yeat. If you used this service during subscription then would like to determinate account during money back guarantee periods, you will have to pay the domain registration fee which is $11.99/mo for each domain, plus a $5 administrative fee.
  • Setup Fees Inmotion hosting provides monthly payment solutions that you can pay month by month for the service. However, there're setup fees for monthly contract. For example, if customers purchase the Pro plan month by month, there's $40 for setup. If they cancel the account within the eligible money back guarantee time, they will only receive the actual plan cost which is $17.99 and the $40 setup fee will not be refunded.
  • No partial month fees shall be refunded. In case you have used your inmotion hosting account for more than 90 days let's say 100 days. If you would like to cancel account, you can only receive 8 months unused funds instead 8.5 or such terms. Their service is charged by full month so no partial refund will be issued. There's no difference if you cancel the service on the 1st or 30th day of the month.

The cancellation request must be done via electronic form. It's the best if you submit a ticket to their billing support so you will be guided properly to close your service with them. Inmotion Hosting is leading hosting provider with rich feature hosting plans. They're most well known for business hosting solutions by offering super fast servers and website performance. Although they provide 90 days leading money back guarantee, there's very few cancellation requests submitted. Their longest money back guarantee policy simply makes their service more trustable by people.

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Best Money Back Guarantee – WebhostingHub

WebhostingHub is sister brand of Inmotion Hosting. Their cancellation policies are exactly the same except there's no monthly payment option on Hub site. Webhostinghub is leading shared hosting provider that comes with 90 days full money back guarantee. They showed their confidence to keep your business by offering such leading money back policy. If you have outgrowed their service and would like to migrate to higher hosting solutions. Please pay attention to the non-refundable fees as suggested from above inmotion hosting terms. WebhostingHub Leading advantages

  • Free domain registration/transfer
  • Unlimited websites/database
  • PHP2/3 support & Su-PHP
  • Unlimited Email accounts and Lists
  • 90 days full money back guarantee
  • 120% faster hosting server

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Best Money Back Guarantee – Arvixe

Arvixe provides the second longest money back guarantee hosting which is as long as 60 days. Means if you are not satisfied with their service during the first 60 days you can close account and full refund will be applied. Arvixe has been offering outstanding hosting services with a range of hosting plans including shared, business, VPS and dedicated servers. You have choice to sign up windows or linux server with very affordable price. With Coupon code "Clue30" you can reduce the cost to $2.8/mo(linux) and $3.15/mo(windows) for 2 years subscription. Arvixe core advantages include

  • Free domain name for life
  • 6 – unlimited hosted websites
  • Unlimited Ms sql/mysql database & Emails
  • SSH Shell access and IIS remote manager access
  • DDos attack protection
  • Adult website compatible

Arvixe provides up to 60 days full money back guarantee. The 60 Day money back guarantee will only be offered under Personal/Reseller, Business. Refunds will not be given to accounts that have been canceled or suspended due to abuse or misusage of their service based on arvixe TOS and AUP explanations. The free domain name registration will be charged if you choose to cancel account. However, you will get domain account for full management over it such as domain transfer, DNS editor etc.

Account Cancellation Process: You must send the cancellation request to sales team at No other methods will be accepted.

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More about Money Back Guarantee

Besides all above leading money back guarantee policies, the most popular term is 30 days by all other major hosting providers. Some hosting group even advertise "Any time money back" guarantee. However, that's just based the pro-rated refund. Means full refund is only applied during the first 30 days, you can close your account any time after that guarantee and you will receive pro-rated refund.

Do we really need long time money back guarantee? Absolutely no, basically if we're going to put up a website for long time purpose, we'll always try to get everything working properly. Account cancellation is always the last step when we can't use the service any better because nobody would like to deal with the hosting migration time and time again and fix all kinds of problems. The long time money back guarantee will just give us some more confidence to keep our business with hosting group.

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    I know this article was written a while ago and it’s just a small mistake, but I nearly had a heart attack.

    Under Domain Name, the domain registration fee should be $11.99/year instead of /mo.

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