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Concrete5( is an ultra-lite, user friendly content management system that caters to the broad range of site builders out there. Easy installation and customization without any programming skills you will be able to setup a professional and powerful website system in few minutes!

Looking for the best concrete5 web hosting service? The official website awarded Arvixe( for the best concrete5 hosting provider for concrete5 compatible server, technical support and price value. Arvixe provides up to 30 days free trial for concrete5 user. No credit card number or any other payment info required for the first 30 days. After you are satisfied with their service, you can then pay for it for $4/mo. Arvixe Concrete5 hosting plan core features include

  • FREE domain name for life
  • 30 days FREE trial period service
  • Unlimited disk storage and data transfer
  • One click installer for concrete5
  • 24×7 professional live support
  • 90 days full money back guarantee

If you're looking for fast, secure and reliable Concrete5 Hosting, you can find no better place than arvixe hosting.

arvixe concrete5 hosting features

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What's exactly good of Concrete5?

Being one of the popular open sourced CMS softwares, concrete5 is probably the most powerful and user friendly one for its simple layouts and powerful management. Concrete5 highlights itself via following advantages

  • Great themes Concrete5 come with lots of great themes for various type website purpose. Unlike all other cms softwares that you have to search out a nice theme from everywhere on internet, concrete5 put all plugins/themes from its marketplace center. You can browse a list of categories to locate the best theme based your requirement. In case you're professional developers you can customize your themes and add any CSS script in the theme by clicking the "Customize" button next to your selected theme. The changes will be applied instantly without to be refreshed or opened in new page. Moreover, each theme has mobile coption that will convert your concrete5 site to mobile version instantly!
  • Custom page style When you post a new article you have options to custom the page layouts such as adjusting sidebar location, header and footer styles etc. You have  a wide variety or templates to choose from just like a powerful sitebuilder wizard. You also be able to define SEO tile/description and meta keywords etc easily without any plugin. Everything is prepared by the design.
  • On-page editing With concrete5 you have the chance to edit your contents without loging into admin panel but be able to make changes directly on front pages. This feature greatly saved your efforts and time for fast editing and reduced potential security issues. You can see your site as you build it and save the changes till you feel good for it!

Concrete5 vs WordPress

Both concrete5 and wordpress are leading cms solutions. Although wordpress is populary used for blog sites, it's also used for content management purpose by its powerful structure and friendly design. But how is comparing to concrete5? Well, it's little hard to compare the two leading solutions. Here we'll focus on their useability, scalability and user base.

Useability. WordPress, the most popular light weightchoice for website creation and personal blogs. Since from the born date, wordpress is now powering more than 20% internet websites and the rate is still increasing fastly. WordPress is well known for its simple and clean layouts. Even you're newbie in website creation, you won't feel hard to start with wordpress because what you really need to do is to add contents. How about Concrete5? This software is solely designed for content management system purpose while wordpress is mostly for blogging purpose. However, the backend is designed much the same as wordpress where you can handle everything by few clicks away. So both platforms are user friendly designed to simplify your website creation process.

Scalability. For wordpress, you can extend the functions by thousands of themes and plugins. WordPress was started as blog system, however it's now popularly used for CMS, press release, ecommerce and even forum purpose based its powerful plugin base. The use of wordpress is only limited by your imagination! Their study courses has great tutorials/guidance on how to create your own theme/plugin. What about concrete5? Unfortunately, seems there's no third party theme/plugin websites. Everything is included from its official site marketplace center and most add-on services are not free! The cost of theme vary from $30 to $40. You can make your concrete5 installation for any type website purpose by its add-on products. However you need to pay.

User Base. Both wordpress and concrete5 have similar audience such as blogger, magazine and so on. However, from the online analytics and reports, users in love with concrete5 always have some experience of wordpress. Concrete5 is specially considered when they decide to go with a dedicated cms system but don't want to deal with the traditional complex softwares like joomla and drupal. Concrete5 is pretty outstanding comparing to any existing cms solution for its light weight as explained from above advantages.

The basic conclusion is. If you're going to take everything free as possible for website creation, wordpress will be better choice because it's supported by thousands of communities and there're many free resources. If you need to have a powerful and clean cms system, concrete5 is absolutely the right one because of its base features. However, this software definitely needs more support by some popular communities like wordpress. If there're more theme/plugin development sites on internet, surely it will be loved by more people.

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