Hostgator Copyright Protection Revealed

Hostgator Copryright protection

Can you trust hostgator for copyright protection? The answer is yes. Being one of the largest web hosting providers, hostgator is trusted by millions of global clients not only because of its super stable service but also for its protective policies in customer privacy and copyrighted materials. If you have copyrighted web contents and consider using hostgator for hosting provider, please read my experience below.

Since from the start when I opened webhostpark website, I and my partners have been update with fresh and unique contents regularly to help with your smart choice for web hosting services. Our articles receive lots of daily views because everything is based our independant real user experience.

Recently, when I search some keywords with my article topics I found a copycats who scrapped my content constantly and some of the scrapped contents even ranked higher than my original ones! From my continuing monitoring, a scrapped version of my newly updated article will be popped up on that site instantly once I clicked the publish button. Normally I would never bother such scrapper because I have never seen any of these scrapped pages outranked my work. But not after this recent google Penguin Updates, the crapped pages overranked my original efforts.

What's the crapped website I'm talking about? It's, a website states to provide the most accurate and honest reviews through real user experience! If you navigate the site you will find there're multiple articles were stolen from WHP and the scrapper almost stick with my publish date and steal my contents with zero changes. Good job you have done! The website owner even can't show his real name in any place.

What should I do? I just did a DNS search and I found it's hosted on hostgator server. I filed a complaint to hostgator support about the website and explained the case. I received email reply in 10 minutes later and their support stated they will pay attention to that site and take necessary action if the owner continue to steal contents from other websites. They also indicate I can submit a DMCA complaint for copyright infringement by following this guide. Once hostgator got the formal notice they will take urgent action over the crapped site.

So hostgator clearly stated they will take action for copyright issues and let me feel better. I then also contated the crapped website author by website contact form and told him the reply from his hosting provider. I didn't wish any reply from such person but if he continues to steal my articles I will take any action as I can no matter any punishment hostgator will give to that site.


Hostgator can be fully trusted for copyright protection based our experience and communication with their team. They have strong protection over customer accounts and privacy. If you have copyrighted contents and looking for reliable hosting provider, hostgator is good choice.

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