Application Hosting Reviewed

Application hosting

What does application hosting exactly mean? Why do you need to apply for such service? If you're not sure what application hosting is or would like to learn more about this service, you got the right place because the following post is all about the service review, you can also find the correct application hosting providers in it.

What's application hosting? That means you setup the hosting plan through your actual requirements, basically you have full control over the services that purchased.

Application Hosting Advantages

As you see from the explanation, you will have full control over the services you purchased from hosting company, that means you can take the advantages side by side. Normally, as application hosting service, you get following advantages

Application on demands — You tell the service provider about what you need from their end and let them to setup everything for you. Since everything is setup according to your live production purpose, you won't waste any resource on hosting server, the most important is you won't wast your money!

High performance & reliability — Because all services are selected by your own rating, you can put the actual equipments from you desired location and support to make sure the service uptime and reliability etc.

To be more specific, here're some main features you should expect

  • 100% guaranteed uptime for online applications & websites*
  • Scalability to grow with your business
  • Reduced risk with 24/7/365 maintenance and dedicated support team
  • Focus your IT Resources on your core business
  • Customisation to your business needs

Application hosting is the best choice when you have high requirements to hosting service and most of the time it's the only solution to run your business perfectly. Some popular applications such as ecommerce websites and community websites are designed specially on such platforms.

Should you use application hosting service?

Although there're lots of advantages with application hosting, you should also note the price. Because it's a customized service, it's often offered from dedicated server hosting plans. It's rare to find such service from a shared hosting. So if to use application hosting all depends your actual requirements. If you're running a large size website or need high performance, security etc then application hosting is right choice to deal with. If you only want to put up a regular website, the traditional hosting plans would be good enough.

Best Application Hosting provider

Since you will choose the services with pretty high requirements, you should know about some popular cloud and dedicated server providers as well as some famous datacenters in the world. In order to get the right service, you have to research a lot and doing some test before place the order, because your decision will heavily affect the future operation. For the top rated datacenters you can read this world class datacenters posting. As for dedicated server providers you can refer to dedicated server hosting section to read more.

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