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No matter what kind of business you plan to open in China, you might realize the alibaba company services can not be avoided. Those services like website hosting, online store, payment gateway solution and even online shopping. The powerful ecommerce empire is almost dominating the Chinese online business. Today we provide side by side view of this huge group and provide basic guidance if you're going to use the company service/products.

Alibaba brief introduction

The company alibaba is created by MaYun(Jack Ma) in 1999. Being one of the first Chinese internet groups, the alibaba is aimed to simplify all traditional business by online communication. During the past 15 years development, the company grows up as a huge business empire with lots of global support centers. Alibaba developped a series of products and reputable public relationship to support its leadership among all Chinese and even international business companies.

On alibaba main site service, it provides both Chinese and English versions. While the Chinese version is dedicated for China mainland enterprises, the english version site is open for all oversea groups. For easier management and avoid confusion, the alibaba group separated the two versions on different domains since 2013. Chinese version alibaba is set on and English version service is kept on

The alibaba leadership is unbeatable from any side view at the moment. For China companies, if you don't have a page on alibaba, it means you loose lots of business opportunities because most people search what they need via alibaba engine. Basically, if you run a business especially manufacturing business in China, registering on alibaba store is a must for better promotion. For international users, alibaba is also the primary place for Chinese products research. From their own reports, there're over 1 million business registration on their global site.

To understand its leadership statue in China, we can learn from the following services which is operated by alibaba group.

net.cnThe largest web hosting and domain provider in China started in 1996. Being the very first hosting company in China, has the most powerful tech base and service plans. was merged into alibaba group in 2009 by 540 millions CNY. manages over half web hosting market in China and it's well known to every Chinese webmaster. Not only for it's powerful tech base but also for it's close working to different governmental departments. Web hosting under is simple and safe. Lots of world top 500 groups work closely with to support their Chinese service.

Since then, alibaba fully optimized their network structure and more benefits generated to store owners. Since then, users can design/optimize their online stores easily by drag/drop site builder. The team is now working in alibaba IT department with 24*7 support.

Aliyun  Aliyun is dedicated for cloud computing service. It's setup closely after alibaba acquired, thus aliyun got sufficient resource to power its cloud service. Because of this, since from its born, their service is more advanced than most competitors in China. The tech model is more like Amazon cloud AWS. Aliyun does not only operate in China but also work on multiple international data centers. Based its powerful hardware and software structures, aliyun is recognized the most reliable and secure cloud service with seamless connection to different platforms. Unlike any other cloud service, aliyun utilize their own operation system – cloud OS. It's developped based linux and HTML5 technologies and guaranteed for any time and anywhere service.

For many Chinese people, whenever they want to shopping online, taobao would be their primary site for its resourceful and low cost products listing. Especially from its early years, taobao is the only tunnel for online shopping. Based this platform, lots of personal sellers developped their successful business (zero fee to join in!) From their latest festival promotion, a single day transaction is over 35 billions. No other store sites have made such success on the planet. Although there're more and more competitors joining in to share the big cake, the taobao leadership is still not changed.


AlipayBeyond all alibaba service, alipay would be the most widely used service by both enterprise and personal users. Alipay provides secure and reliable online payment service and works with most banks in China. While online shopping is fantastic, not everybody be able to pay via credit card or deal with the complex bank transfer. Alipay simplified the entire process by single click.

People can use alipay for almost all online payment affairs like shopping, phone recharging and other daily expenses. Why we can do that? Because it's integrated by most online services. You can use alipay not only for payment sending but also for receiving. For most Chinese people, alipay is perfect alternative of paypal and brings much more features with easy operation. Because of this, the alipay gateway service is dominating the Chinese online payment business. The main online shopping service and gateway service are both handled by alibaba, so how huge it is in your imagination?

Not to mention its acquisition of Chinese yahoo in 2005, alibaba is already leading in IT and ecommerce provider in China just count by above statistics. If you need website hosting, check out alibaba; if you need to promote your online business, check out alibaba; if you want better shopping experience, check out alibaba; if you're still searching for the best business partner in China, check out alibaba!

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