Best Student Web Hosting

Student web hosting

Student web hosting introduction

Student web hosting is a type hosting service that's prepared or suitable for students' website hosting purpose. It's well known for students caring and affordable service. Looking for the best student web hosting provider? Here're few quality suggestions either for moneytary or service level considerations.

Best student web hosting - WebhostinghubBrand: WebHostingHub Price: $3.95/mo Rate: A+

WebhostingHub offers leading web hosting service that's affordable by students. $3.95/mo hosting comes for unlimited website support, mysql database support, mailing list support and ecommerce support.

The advantage by choosing webhostinghub for students is simply for their industry leading customer support and super stable hosting server. Plus their up to 90 days money back guarantee, it's absolutely risk free to join webhostinghub.

Webhostinghub does not advertise directly for student web hosting offer, it's initial launched by their sister brand Inmotion hosting. They offer various discounts for student use purpose including shared, VPS and dedicated servers. However, Since we get more shared hosting feature via webhostinghub via less cost, the inmotion hosting offers under shared accounts has no advantages any more.

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Best student web hosting - iPageBrand: iPage Price: $1.99/mo Rate: A+

iPage is leading budget hosting provider with over 1000,000 domains served. $1.99/mo is the best price over all other hosting providers.

Why is ipage perfect choice for student? Let's take a look their offers. With $1.99/mo price we get a free domain name registration, unlimited space & databases, unlimited emails as well as ftp accounts. Basically, ipage offers all their services as unlimited with pretty low price. When you like to host a personal website or multiple websites with limited budget, ipage is absolutely the best choice! Still hesitate? There's 30 days full money back guarantee!

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Student web hosting vs traditional hosting service

So what's the difference between student web hosting and all other traditional hosting plans? Well, there's no real difference for hosting features. The student web hosting term is more about pricing and further service caring to the specific community. Normally you need to scan your student's ID and send to hosting providers who offer such service then they will offer some discount for their plans. As about further technical support, you're just treated the same as other clients.

How do we think about? It's definitely good offer for students since it will reduce your costs for website investment. Beyond the low cost, there's another service type called "non profit hosting" which is almost dedicated to students and educational institutes. Such service is offered to show their giving back to society as they said. However, in most competitors' eyes it's a kind of business trick to attrack users' eyeballs. You always like to tell your friend or roommates for the great offer so hosting providers will get potential business there.

Tips to choose the right student hosting service

Normally, a student's website is more about a personal blog or project site that's for testing purpose. Thus it has very few requirements to hosting server. As long as the server is up and loading fine then it's acceptable for most people. However, since there's great improvement in hosting industry and it's actually a competitive business. Many service plans already offered more than expected. Instead giving out your money with no clue, let's read below tips on how to choose the correct service.

Reputation is always the first thing we need to check out. No matter how cheap the service is, if it's not trusted by most clients then we should avoid it or else we're purchasing problems to ourselves. Just search reviews over the brand and read how people think about.

Service features. Make sure we will get what expected for our website. If we need windows platform then there's no need to check linux, regardless how good it is.

Customer service. Because we're students so there's need of technical or other support in using the service. A quality service support should be available 24×7 in multiple connection tunnels such as chat, ticket etc.

Lastly, the service should not be too expensive. Furthermore, it should come with students caring policy on several sides such as price, support, service features etc.

On customer end, since we have claimed the best offer from host service. We should follow their TOS strictly and avoid misusing the service. The hosting provider already given us the most promotional offer, we should be thankful and in case there's any chance we should report our opinions on how to improve the service.

Best Web Hosting Support 2013

Best web hosting support 2013

Best web hosting support Awards 2013

Who is offering best hosting support for 2013? We're proudly to announce the champion – Arvixe! Yeah! Arvixe is ranked the best for web hosing support this year! Follow me and learn our experience with their guys in the past 24 hours.

Just from last day, I'm running some tasks on our website and need some changes in Mysql database. However, since it's a big operation and requires to be done locally. I exported the sql to desktop in few seconds. Yeah! Few seconds! You can't expect faster server response. So I followd the schedule and ran some queries to the database locally. I thought everything would go as planned which is pretty streight. However, I never expected there's little chance something will go wrong! I imported the database once the operation done on local. Here the problem go up. I lost 90% Data from my database! What a huge loss!

Soon after problem occured, I opened an urgent ticket via arvixe support center then logon their live chat support immediately for urgent assistance. Their support Babara kindly transfered the chat to uplevel support for better assistance. Sreath quickly verified my ownership for the hosting account then offered about 10 days latest backup choice. I asked to restore the most recent one and he did as requested.

However, there's some data crash and old data is not recovered. You can feel I'm a bit worried because it's my years' working treature for that database and if there's no way to recover, I would be desperated! I then checked with him and ask if there's a better backup for restoration. Finally, there's a good backup with only one article missing. Everything appears to be perfect after restoration. I would like to give my thankfulness to all their people through chat. However seems they're handling a large volume support requests at that momnet so I decide to contact later.

Impressions for arvixe support

Since we have dealt with arvixe for over 3 years and have been satisfied all the time. This data recovery definitely impressed us mostly since it's really really a big help. The past hours will kept in my memories forever because I passed a dangerous period safely through outstanding support! Here're sportlights with our experience

  • Arvixe handles urgent requests very fast (Our experience is 1 minute)
  • Arvixe will recovery account data for free! (While it's a costly service from many providers!)
  • Arvixe support is patient and professional in dealing with problems
  • Arvixe support is the best with all our past experience!

I always suggest my guys to backup all essential data frequently in case any disaster. However I'm just saying but not doing by myself!! I didn't backup schedulely and lost my data for back action by my own. If I'm hosting the website/database anywhere else, I can't tell what would be the final result. Fortunately I'm dealing with arvixe and everything being supported professionally and friendly. From now on I'll make a good schedule to backup my data!

Based all above experience, arvixe is selected to best web hosting support 2013 by WHP. If you're looking for a decent hosting service with decent support, arvixe is the best choice. We'll continue to host with arvixe for another 3 years!

Like to learn more about arvixe? Read our arvixe reviews as well as arvixe hosting faq.

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