6 Tips On How to Reduce Email Spam

tips on how to reduce email spam

Email spam knowledges

E-mail spam, also known as junk e-mail or unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE), is a subset of spam that involves nearly identical messages sent to numerous recipients by e-mail. Spammer always send bulk emails for advertisement since it's the cheapest method among many other marketing services.

I bet 99.99% people would hate spam emails for the useless information, some harmful spam emails even contain some kind of virus which will terriblely infect your computer. In this article I'll disscus how to reduce email spam side by side.

Some free email service providers like yahoo, hotmail and gmail has strong anti-spam system configured which is out of our topic, here we'll mainly focus on the email accounts created under your own domain names.

6 Tips on how to reduce email spam

1. Choose the right email software – This is the most important task to reduce any potential spam. An outstanding email software will simply filter half of the incoming spam emails and secure your email account. Free email system is never advised for business email purpose. Smartermail is by far the best web mail software we experienced. Simple and clear web interface, smartermail has every aspects of an email system.

2. DNS Control – The Sender policy framework(SPF) is an open standard specifying a technical method to prevent sender address forgery. It will not just reduce the spam posibilities but also avoid spoof emails(stop your email accounts being used by spammer). When your sign up a hosting service you should contact presales to make sure customize dns records is supported and SPF is available.

3. Remove your crucial email addresses on website – This will greatly reduce the potential spam emails coming into your email account. you can use a web form on your site for contact method and make sure captcha is enabled.

4. Configure spam filter and content filter – Configure the spam weight and keywords filter to avoid according spam emails. this is the most common method to reduce spam.

5. Whitelist and Blacklist – Add your important contacts to your whitelist and blacklist some spam-like addresses or domains

6. Email alias – The good of email alias is it's not an actual email account but just a forward, you can setup email alias and publish on website and forward those incoming emails to some free email service provider such as yahoo and gmail, they have strong anti-spam system configured and will filter most spam emails. So when you sign up a web hosting, make sure email alias is supported.

How to choose the right email hosting?

If you're looking for a cpanel hosting provider, Horde would be the best which is configured by default via cpanel.  You can refer to this horde mail hosting page to learn more about horde.

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If you're looking for asp.net hosting, we highly recommend Smartermail for your email service. Smartermail is simply the best web mail software which is considered as best alternative of windows exchange. You can refer to this smartermail hosting for more details about smartermail

Since smartermail is quite expensive to purchase, not so many hosting providers offer it. Hostgator.com windows hosting plan is the best choice for smartermail hosting till present.

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