Newest Hostgator Coupon

Newest hostgator coupon

Hostgator Coupon Review

Congratulations! If you're looking for the best hostgator coupon, you got the right place. Here we reveal the newest and most promotional hostgator coupon codes to save your money by registering their service.

Being web hosting rule maker, hostgator is followed by lots of cpanel hosting providers and reseller hosting providers, powered by 100% green energy and offers super nice customer support. The best of the best you won't bear with frustrated downtime like from other webhosts. Now, let's go ahead and check our newest hostgator coupon, With this coupon code you get 25% off for any hosting plan sign up.

How does this hostgator coupon work?

This hostgator coupon will give you 25% discount directly from your total order with any hostgator plan sign up such as shared hosting, vps hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated server hosting! it's by far the most promotional hostgator coupon available.

How to use this hostgator coupon?

Please follow the steps below to get hostgator 25% discount

1. Go to hostgator order page and click sign up now

2. From step 1, enter you wished domain or give your existing domain you want to host with hostgator, at the bottom there's a box to enter coupon code, here please enter "review25off", snapshot as following:

3. Go ahead and enjoy the discount.

NOTE: Pay hostgator hosting yearly will result in most promotional price plus the above coupon code.

About Hostgator Coupon

Hostgator is probably the only web hosting provider that issued the most promo codes on the planet. Their hosting success is based affiliate coupon from their initial business start. By doing that, hostgator is advertised everywhere on internet and received great revenue. How is the hosgator coupon being offered? Because they allow partnership website owners to create their specific coupon codes from central admin. However, most coupon codes will generate the same value as you see. And many coupon codes are outdated comparing to our above one.

About Hostgator Hosting

Hostgator provides both Windows and Linux hosting plans. Their hosting servers take almost half space of softlayer data centers as of the current date. By offering leading hosting features and tech support, their service is powering over 9 milliion websites worldwide and thousands new websites are being created with hostgator.

Hostgator has an incredible 99,9% uptime and reviewers confirm this. Their support is availabe 24×7 on live chat, email, ticket and phone support centers. Backend with professionals who have been dealing with customer caring and tech support over years. If you're looking for reliable and honest hosting service, hostgator is simply the best choice.

WordPress vs B2evolution

wordpress vs b2evolution

Wordpress & B2evolution Reviews

WordPress – an outstanding and opensourced blog software with user friendly design. With years development, wordpress is more than a blog but a CMS solution for any website setup, more and more people are dedicated for wordpress skin & plugin development for life earning. Even more, over 12% of the world's top 100,0000 websites are wordpress based. Hundreds of plugins are available for wordpress site creation and optimization, no matter if you want to launch a personal blog or enterprise website, wordpress can be always used as the backend.

B2evolution  – One of the oldest blog systems written in php mysql. It provides all necessary functions for blog platform. Simple installation is applied for single site and multi-blog purpose. The b2evolution provides very clean admin panel and a WYSIWYG editor for people to post more professionally.

Wordpress vs B2evolution

wordpress and b2evolution, which is better? Well, it's hard to say which is better depends your skills. Personally I prefer to wordpress, here're main comparisons between them:

  • Site structure – Needless to say, wordpress is more clear and simple, you can judge from the file names directly to determine what it's used for and edit it directly to reflect changes on your website. B2evolution is more complex for start user and has a larger package size. you have to spend more time to learn from.
  • Backend Admin – WordPress has only few links on admin panel including all functions to manage your wordpress site, the drag and drop "widget" helps you customize your site layout in few seconds and looks quite professional. By install a new plugin, you have a search box to get the right plugin names and install everything by "one click". B2evolution performs not so excellent from above features and actually you have to learn some documentations before using it.
  • Website URLs – This is referring to the "permalinks" setting, a good website URL is more SEO friendly (static URL), from wordpress admin panel you can determine what kind of permalinks to show up on your website without having to learn the complicated technical stuff, it will auto generate .htaccess rules and place it to your website root.
  • User friendly – From all above explanation and comparison, wordpress is definitely more user friendly. Especially to start users, you don't have to deal with the technical stuff but just by applying new themes and plugins to putup a professional blog site. You can always customize your wordpress site without any negative effect to your main website.
  • Development resource – WordPress wins. WordPress is developed by thousands of team and personal programmers. There're tons of free themes/plugins from both wordpress official directory or third party sites. Thus we can easily find a good solution to meet our website requirement. But b2evolution only provide limited theme/plugin resource and not supported by so many communities.

Conclusion: No matter if you're newbie or experienced webmaster, wordpress is your primary choice for blog setup. WordPress is also ideal option if you're going to put up enterprise website by using a nice theme.

Best WordPress Hosting

Wordpress has no special requirements to hosting server but only php mysql. For fast and secure wordpress hosting, we highly recommend to host your wordpress site. You may also find some other good ones but only god can tell if they're acquired by someone or not.

Arvixe is famous name in the industry and pretty care customer feedbacks. Arvixe is outstanding for cheap and prefessional hosting services. Arvixe wordpress hosting comes with following core features

  • Unlimited space and bandwidth
  • Free domain registration and multiple domains hosting
  • Standard cpanel hosting with unlimited mysql database
  • 24 x 7 preffesional customer support
  • Only $4/mon with up to 60 days money back guarantee!

Visit for wordpress hosting plan details

More about Blog

Blog is the most popular stuff on the internet, it's also the most efficient method for people's interaction. For website newbie, blog is also the best platform to putup a website quickly and make posts. In this article we'll discuss the most popular blog softwares and help find which one is the best.

Generally speaking, most blog websites are php mysql based applications, this is because it works under the most affordable hosting environment – Linux. Both the linux system and the blog software itself are mainly open sourced and free, this greatly reduced the fee for webmaster to launch a website. If you're going to host a blog site, wordpress is highly suggested choice.