Google 10 Rules for Mobile Website Creation

rules for mobile website creation

Mobile devices are playing more and more important roles in our daily life. From comScore analytics, over 40% internet surfers logon websites via mobile devices. Creating a mobile friendly website is crucial to burst your online business nowadays. Recently, google published 10 rules to build your mobile website. Just follow up and rank your website high from mobile search engine!

NO.1 Simple and Fast

It requires your website be able to provide what user needed with fast response from limited size mobile screen. Google suggests:

  • Provide user needs and functions in priority
  • Do substraction and cut off as more contents as possible, leave core functions for user needs
  • Concise words
  • Compress pictures and speed up website loading

amazone mobile site design

NO.2 Simplify Navigation

Provide clear contents structure and "Back"/"Forward" buttons for easy navigation. Google suggested 4 popular types navigations for mobile websites:

  • Horizontal type(same as traditional website with top navigations, categories should be less than 7 based the screen size)
  • Big button type(The most common and mostly used for mobile websites)
  • List type
  • Option list type

NO.3 Thumb Operation

Means your mobile website should be friendly for thumb operation. Because most mobile devices are designed with touch screens, a thumb friendly design will make your website easy to both people and search engine. Some tips below

  • Bigger buttons for easier operation
  • Bigger space to avoid wrong click(Leave more space between buttons so people can hit their desired buttons easily)
  • Bigger clickable space(In case your button is small, you can give it a bigger clickable space so people can click on it even it's not hit in the center)
  • User color and shadow to highlight buttons

NO.4 Be clear at a glance

It's also for user friendly consideration. You don't want users to navigate a lot in order to learn what's provided on your site. Some tips below

  • Ensure your website height and width the same as mobile screens
  • Obvious color difference for words and background
  • Steady composing
  • Confortable fonts

NO.5 Compatibility

It's the best to design your mobile site via HTML5 technologies for it's smart recognization for different devices. Just google it for guidance. Your mobile website must

  • Be able to browsed on different mobile devices
  • Get rid of flash, use html5 instead
  • Be able to adjust based screen directions

NO.6 Easy Conversion

If you're running an ecommerce site, you must bring customer convenience and reduce any potential problems in purchasing your products. Time is gold, people do not want to waste lots of time on your website.

  • Simplify your website registration/login process
  • Reduce manual typing, use option forms and menus instead
  • Focus on factors that help with conversion rate

NO.7 Local Optimization

The users' local information is most valuable on your website. You might consider the following on your website

  • Recommendation based user geographical location
  • Maps, routes, phone numbers based user locations

NO.8 Smooth Experience

If possible, try to keep the same website layouts on all platforms(either pc, table pc or mobile phones). The Apple is good to learn about.

app product design

NO.9 Smart redirection

Your website should be able to judge different mobile devices automatically and provide according contents. Users be able to redirect between desktop and mobile versions easily.

NO.10 Keep Optimizing

You should monitor your website performance and gain user feedbacks for further improvements. Mobile website is not a mobile App so it can be improved on the fly. You should make use of any available analyzing tools for better website presence.

You might find it hard to deal with lots of tech stuff for mobile website creation. If you would like to convert your desktop site to mobile version, we highly recommend to check out goMobi solution which is leading choice by lots of webmasters. You can get a powerful mobile website up and running in few minutes by simple guidance.

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