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If you need enterprise level email hosting solution or you like to configure your own email server, there's a big name we can't ignore – Zimbra. Being one of the first and most successful email softwares, zimbra has been serving hundreds of international groups and offering direct service to individuals widely.

Zimbra overview

VMware Zimbra is an enterprise-class email, calendar and collaboration solution, built for the cloud, both public and private. Zimbra company was acquired by Yahoo in September 2007 then sold to VMware on January 12, 2010. From that time on, zimbra is part of VMware group and named as "VMware Zimbra" as we know of. Zimbra is co-operating with over 200 hundreds of communities in various industries including comcast, it's offering email service to over 9 millions people in the world.

What's included with zimbra?

Zimbra is actually more than a standard email software. The core product Zimbra Collaboration Suite(ZCS) is integrated email and calendar and many other services like file storage/editing, instant message(IM). We can use it to look up flights as well as FedEx packages prety quick. Instead of calling it email software, it performs more like a smart business assistant who's working 24×7. Because of this, Zimbra never failed to compare with any other email products and it's still being improved by the power of VMware.

Here's a short list of the zimbra features

1、inbox, mail&search
4、document collaboration
6、zimbra desktop
7、outlook&apple sync
8、zimbra mobile, Zimbra Collaboration Suite

Want to learn more about Zimbra spotlights? Go ahead and check out this VMware page for details.

Zimbra FAQs

What're the requirements for Zimbra installation?
Zimbra does not support BSD at the moment, supported OS including the following: Enterprise edition RedHat, Fedora, SuSE as well as OpenSUSE or Ubuntu (All 64 bit server editions)

How many zimbra editions available?
There're total of three editions available: Network Edition, Open Source Edition, Collaboration

How to purchase zimbra software license?
purchas from VMware official store: https://buy.zimbra.com/
purchase from reseller: http://www.zimbra.com/partners/zimbra_solution_providers.html

How to install zimbra?
You can check out this documentation for detailed instructions. Please note, the installation requires clean server installation, the installation process will auto install/configure Apache, PHP and mysql and all required packages, if you have those installed, you have to remove first.

Who offers zimbra hosting service?

Zimbra is mainly used for enterprise email solution, it's not available for regular shared hosting solution. For service providers, we can check out this page directly http://www.zimbra.com/partners/zimbra_service_providers.html

What're other powerful email systems?

We have introduced some of the most powerful and user friendly email systems from older pages. They're Smartermail (windows), MailEnable (windows), Open xchange (linux), SquirrelMail (linux), Exchange Server (windows). You might hear about many other email programs, however most of them are actually email client instead fully functional email server. All of above names are popular choice on the market, just select the most suitable solution that fulfill your requirements.

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