Winhost Review & Secret Revealed

winhost review

This winhost review is generted from webmaster working experience and side by side evaluation upon winhost plan features, price value, support availability and server uptime stats. The sole purpose is to give an unbiased conclusion to winhost service and help our readers find the suitable windows hosting service.

Winhost Brief Introduction

Winhost is a web hosting company that dedicated for windows hosting service since from their business start. Winhost provides multi class hosting solutions to meet your different website requirements by affordable price. The support team is a group of windows professionals with microsoft approved certification. Their people are partnered with multiple windows projects for seamless co-poration with microsoft. They keep improving and offering newest ms technologies to clients.

Winhost windows hosting advantages

The biggest advantage from winhost is their dedicated efforts in offering windows hosting service. Winhost people be able to focus on this platform and optimize their windows server with max reliability. Instead of using all available solutions for windows server setup. Their developers programmed lots of self technologies to enhance security and performance. All winhost servers are centrally managed and monitored.

Lots of hosting features — Almost all available windows & technologies are offered in winhost plans. Some famous features such as MVC, SQL Server Crystal report, IIS Remote manager etc are fully supported by winhost, the difference is the amount you will get from different service plan. In order to catch up with the different requirements from web developers, php/mysql technologies are also introduced into their system. In this way, no matter if you want to programming with ms technologies or php scripting, winhost server is fully compatible. It's extremely helpful to developers who need different technologies support.

winhost hosting plan

Inhouse developed Hosting Control panel — Winhost never use third party hosting control panel software in order to have everything under control. Instead, their people programmed their own hosting control panel by .net technologies. The control panel only keeps customer needed functions with simple navigation. All web service can be setup easily with no much learning.

Go to and check control panel demo.

Price Value – If you search around the web for web hosting related stuff, most hosting companies are linux based, few ones have windows service plan or the price is pretty high. Winhost is an exception in the industry who can offer affordable service to every people. If you're developer or Sql server developer, winhost actually provides a good environment to deploy your projects. Because of the affordable price, it's absolutely worth a try.

Winhost Coupon? Previously, signing up yearly hosting will get extra 2 months free hosting service. Means we pay 12 months fee for 14 months' service and overall discount is about 10%! But They just revised the entire site design and order system. This promotion is removed from order system. Instead, they involved coupon system for any discount offer. But you have to contact their sales support in order to get any code since the code is dynamic.

Support Availability – Winhost announce to provide around the clock support. But their people are only available from ticket and email. If we need urgent, there's a phone number available. But if you're out of US with non-Englis speaking area, you might only call in by email or ticket.

Winhost Hosting weakness

Like every other hosting providers, winhost has it's weakness except all good features. No live chat support would be the biggest disadvantage for nowadays business. Especially when people need instant support but not good at speaking, livechat is the best way to get problem solved. If livechat can be introduced to their support system, I believe more people would like to deal with this company. Winhost uses email for primary contact and ticket support is followed. It's rare comparing to most their competitors.

What if I don't like winhost hosting?

Who to choose if I don't like winhost? There're several top alternative options but Arvixe is definitely the NO.1 recommendation. Except for all the advantages from winhost, you can get instant live support from arvixe and arvixe windows hosting plans are actually on the same level with winhost. As far as I can tell, we're 100% satisfied with arvixe service.

Go to for windows hosting details.

Winhost FAQs

When did winhost setup?

Winhost was founded in year 2000 by a group of professionals in windows server development.

How many hosting plans offered by winhost?

There're total of 3 web hosting plans offered by winhost: Basic, Max and Ultimate.

Why winhost limit their database size?

Winhost offers limited size database size because you will not use more than 1 GB for most of the cases. In case you need more space than this limit, it means your website is no longer suitable to be hosted under shared hosting environment and you need to upgrade.

What's the windows server OS from winhost?

Winhost uses both windows server 2008 and server 2012, you can choose the platform with your preference.

What's the winhost server hardware specification?

Winhost introduced 100% DELL servers with multiple Intel XEON processors, 32GB RAM, RAID 10 and 1000 Mbits internet bandwidth of connection.

How many clients/websites being hosted by winhost?

There're more than 50,000 websites hosted by winhost and there's stable monthly growth about 500/mo

How do I cancel account with winhost?

If you would like to cancel account with winhost, just raise a support ticket and they will follow up your request. If there's unused fund in your account, they will refund you.

What's the general waiting time for winhost support?

The general waiting time is 30 minutes.

Do we recommend winhost service?

Yes, winhost is golden parter of microsoft that's dedicated in windows hosting service. Their server specifications and service features are all configured up to date. For now, they offer super affordable hosting plan at $4.95/mo plus extra two months FREE service!

Go to for hosting advantages!

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