Windows vs Open Source

Windows vs Open source

More and more stuff are going to open source because of the fast growing of internet business, the open source services actually saved us lots of time for online project development. If you search around the internet you will find almost everything can be done via some existing open source softwares. So how will this affect microsoft and their most popular product windows? Will windows go open source too? if not, how will microsoft deal with the competition?

Some Most Popular Open Sourced Softwares

The most famous open source project would be Linux — the biggest competitor of microsoft windows. Till present, over one hundred linux brands have been developed on the planet and millions of developers are still working on it. Although linux system is not popularly accepted like windows for personal computer, it's absolutely the most popular enterprise solution because you can fully customize it according to your actual conditions.

Some other popular non-system level open source softwares for example: Joomla, Drupal, Moodle, WordPress and many other cms projects. If you would like to know more, you can refer to open source project community site and almost every open source project can be found there.

Windows based open source Softwares

As talking about windows based open source software, it's quite few comparing to linux ones. The windows open source projects are mainly referring to some popular cms such as Dotnetnuke, starterkits, Umbraco etc.

The most well known system level open source windows software might be websitepanel(dotnetpanel) — the best open source windows hosting control panel. This software is not open sourced from the begining, as all information collected from internet, microsoft is the hidden sponsor of the DotNetPanel project. The open source over dotnetpanel means to get more installation on windows servers and earn the business market. Till today, dotnetpanel is being offered by some major windows hosting providers like arvixe and eukhost etc. It's also the default installation for windows VPS server from most server providers.

Will microsoft go open source?

There's no signal showing microsoft will go open source in any way because of their large business over the world. The ms products are actually affecting our daily lives, any change from microsoft policy will receive huge response. Because microsoft is managing a large team with millions of developers, all products are results of their hard working, it's absolutely reseaonable for microsoft to charge people in order to support the long term new products development.

In our opinion, the dotnetpanel going open source would be the biggest news for windows open source projects. Why? you should note web hosting is currently the largest internet business and more and more people are get involved. Before dotnetpanel opensourced, you have to pay a lot in order to manage a windows server, but everything got changed after this software is free to get for everyone. You no longer need to pay a lot of money in order to setup a professional windows hosting environment. The result is more people will go with windows and microsoft will be the final beneficiary. During the business windows and other microsoft products are being promoted.

Best dotnetpanel hosting provider

Arvixe is absolutely the best choice for dotnetpanel hosting support. No matter if you would like to use shared, vps or dedicated windows hosting plan you can get dotnetpanel completely free and everything is pre-configured properly. Shared hosting starts with only $5/mo you get unlimited disk space and multiple domain hosting opportunities, you won't find anywhere else for such great offer with this price.

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