Why pay Web Hosting with Paypal?

why paypal support is important for web hosting

A good web hosting service might be easy to pick up by following our user guidance. But what if you have very limited online payment choice? For example sometimes you can only pay via check, credit card or bank transfer etc because that's the only choice from hosting website. You might have to search for another service provider untill they meet your technical and payment requirements. In this article we'll discuss the importance of paypal support for web hosting service and compare the leading payment solutions.

All leading web hosting providers are trying to simplify the order process and enable fast paying to save customers as more as possible. A complicated order process with less payment choice will simply drive your customer away. The most popular payment options from hosting providers include credit card, bank transfer, check, google checkout and paypal etc. Among all those solutions, paypal would be the most popular choice from user end for its great advantages over all other methods. Below is a compiled list of paypal advantages over credit card, check, bank transfer and other choice.

Easy and fast
It's easy to use paypal to accept payment online. No matter if you're business group or personal retailer, you have full access to its merchant service to configure the gateway. It's pretty fast to accept payment online via paypal. You don't have to play with lots of coding stuff for a full functional payment system. Just few clicks away to send your payment. It's crucial point to save your customer on website.

Widely used
Paypal is supported in most countries and districts in the world. You can create payapl account 100% for free to add or send funds. Paypal has lots of local support in different areas so you can always get local language support in case English is not officially used in your district. Paypal also has the longest history in auto payment solution which is recognized for reliable and secure.

Buyer protection
No matter if you have purchased the right service/products. Once there's problem in using it, you can chargeback directly and funds will be sent back to your account once paypal verified your request. The process is pretty straight so you don't have to worry about your money security. In case you run into problem with your hosting provider some day and no better solution but to cancel account, paypal is the best tunnel to get your money back. You don't have to check with your bank account service like credit card or check, all transaction on paypal is almost instant.

Easy integration
Paypal is probably the most easy gateway service to support an online store. You can use paypal gateway to support various payment methods including credit card(visa, master card, express etc). However, if you need to integrate credit card payment system separately, you have to deal with lots of technical stuff and most probably you will need a developer to make sure everything is properly setup. On the other side, you just need to fill out a form and copy over the codes to your website then it will be functional as expected.

Paypal supported Web Hosting

Paypal is supported by all leading hosting companies to meet up different user requirements. Some popular hosting like www.arvixe.com and webhostinghub etc are 100% paypal friendly. However, some hosting providers refuse to support paypal because they want to avoid the transaction fee. Just take a quick view on popular web hosting forums you will know that many providers do not have this option no matter how good their service is from advertising.

Our suggestion is, avoid such hosting service and protect yourself from unauthorized charges. Many hosting services have auto renew configured and most of them are default choice if you don't configure it manually. That means when your account due, their system will auto charge based your existing payment details. There's no problem at all if you're going to use the hosting for the next one or two years. But what if you don't want to use it anymore? You might have to waste lots of time to request money back. If you used paypal to pay the service, they can not auto charge at all because you have to approve it before the fund is sent out.


Paypal should be your primary consideration if you have the choice. It will protect your funds as much as possible and simplify your experience in using hosting service. In case you have to deal with money back issue, it will save your time too. You don't have to go out office or call your banks to verify anything, all you need to do is logging into your paypal account and keep your sight on it.

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