Why Joomla for Enterprise Website Creation?

why joomla for enterprise website creation

Joomla is definitely a perfect choice for enterprise website creation. Especially when you would like to apply lots of functions and would like to keep everything under control, joomla is the best among all other platforms. Since Joomla 1.2, we have been testing and configuring the software on different websites. This article provides in depth reviews for why joomla is the best choice for enterprise websites.

Joomla, know as the best content management software and widely supported in different languages in the world. It's not only powerful for content management but also for second web development core. The base system can be fully customized based our website requirements. We can coding or make full use of available extensions to setup a powerful website system.

Content Management

Primary and key feature of joomla system. All articles/files are well organized on admin side. Unlike any other cms software, we can easily publish/unpublish an article by turnning on/off buttons. We can also determine what content to be showed on exact place by article properties configuration. No coding and no development skills needed at all! Media files, pictures and articles are well categorized so we can easily trace the needed one.

User Management

User management is the art of joomla. Beside the traditional simple name list, each user is assigned a badge with roles. We can easily change user status and update user details without leaving the page. The best feature is an authenticated user has full access to all other services on website. For example if you have enabled forum or shopping cart etc, users can posting or make orders directly without having to use a new login. It's extremely helpful when we have a big website for professional management.

Security Management

joomla security

Security is key feature of the software. When we talk about joomla security, it's about website strcutre and admin panel protection. The joomla project is supported by thousands of global professionals with frequent updates. Each release is heavily tested in different environments before official announcement. Means we can put into production website creation safely. Moreover, the joomla extention directory provides various security solutions for different requirements. For example security enhancement for login area and admin dashboards. For more joomla security tips, check out this page for details.

Blog & Forum Management

joomla blog extension

Probably the best part of joomla for enterprise website creation. Normally you need a company blog or community forum for either internal or public news announcement and interaction. You always have to use different softwares and install seperately for each. But joomla has everything for itself. The joomla extension directory provides a bounch solutions for blog and forum. Either free or licensed, we can always find a perfect one.

Popular joomla blog extensions: Easy blog Joomblog
Popular joomla forum extensions: Kunena Discussions

Shopping Cart Management

joomla virtuemart extension

Virtuemart(virtuemart.net), a dedicated ecommerce project for joomla software. You no longer need other shopping cart solutions if you have used joomla for website development. Virtuemart has approved itself to be leading ecommerce platform by powering hundreds of large e-stores. Virtuemart now is well known about powerful products management and order management. It also has pre setup payment gateways for quick and easy store configuration.

More virtuemart resources:

As we learnt above, joomla is really just limited by our imagination. For large website project like enterprise website creation, joomla is simply the best. Not only for it's powerful structure and resourceful extension directory, the extremely powerful scalability makes everything is possible, for either new and existing websites.

Best Joomla Hosting

It's simple server configuration for joomla support. However, we must have a professional and fully optimized server environment to host an enterprise joomla application. Not only for current website stats but also for expected future growth. We need to ensure the server can meet our current and future requirements so we don't have to switch providers. So for enterprise websites, we highly suggest InMotionHosting and Arvixe Business Hosting plans. We get what we pay, their price is relatively high than most traditional shared hosting service but generates much more value than expectation. They have deeply optimized server system for joomla script with professional support team.

Read more about arvixe business hosting
Learn more about InMotionHosting Joomla support

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2 thoughts on “Why Joomla for Enterprise Website Creation?

  1. Fatima - December 19, 2014 at 2:53 am

    Joomla or WordPress, which would you recommend?

    • Kenny - December 19, 2014 at 3:03 am

      Depends your website purpose. If you need to make it quick without dealing too much tech stuff, wordpress is good


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