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Green hosting completely changed people's mind for the huge amount electricity consumption by web hosting industry. Since it' focus on green energy such as wind power, there's zero negative effect to environment. Because of the spotlights, it is popularly advertised by the major webhosts. Is green hosting really good choice for us? Are those advertised green webhosts really green?

Green Hosting Definition

The wikipedia site has the best definition "Green hosting or eco-friendly hosting is Internet hosting which involve green technologies to reduce environmental impact". So basically the green hosting is mainly about environment protection and produce less or zero carbon dioxide to atmosphere. What's the targeting customer of green hosting? Definitely those green consumers who are concerning about the environment.

Best Green Hosting rebate

Greengeeks(http://greengeeks.com) offers the best green hosting rebates either from service costs and plan features. Greengeeks is leading web hosting company who cares about environment so much. Not just by implementing popular methods to keep green, they take personal actions to daily life such as building green office, eat home cooking foods to reduce plastic box usage etc, green is already a company culture there. If you care about environment a lot and looking for the leading hosting providers, greengeeks is highly recommended to check out.

Green hosting service is not cheap because of the big investment on hardware/softare. However, greengeeks be able to offer it at very competitive price $3.96/mo! You can not find such great offer from any other green hosting providers! Greengeeks hosting core features including

  • Free domain name registration
  • Plant a tree for every clients
  • 300% green power supply
  • Standard cpanel hosting control panel

Visit greengeeks for more advantages at http://greengeeks.com

greengeeks advantages

Requirements to be green hosting provider

Because web hosting service is configured in datacenter and the electricity consumption is huge. In order to be green hosting provider, it requires hosting companies to setup green datacenter at the first place. Generally, the datacenter must be renewable energy powered(wind power is the popular solution). Planting trees, plants and grass around and over Data Centers are also needed to clean up the polluted stuff.

Is that all required? Absolutely not, that's the base to start green hosting business. Once the green DC is setup, we have to optimize the overall structure and reduce power consumption as more as possible. This includes power-saving server equipments, advanced managing technologies etc.

More about green hosting

Green hosting already advertised by all major hosts or even new companies in the business. Is that all true? Absolutely no! Everyone provider has learnt the advantage of green hosting and trying to share some light with it. Visitors might stay longer if they found such features with the service. That means more business opportunities available with the hosting provider. So basically, the green term can be abused easily by hosting providers. After several years' development, it's more like a marketing term beyond it's original purpose. if you search out a hosting company from google and navigate a little more, you will find they're all "green"!

How to check if the hosting is green? Just check where their server located and read the datacenter overall reviews. The current green datacenters can be named directly via fingers so it's easy to find out the hosting is green or not.

Do we really need green hosting?

From the overall environment pollution by hosting industry, it's the responsibility for everybody to use clean energy powered services. We'll finally benefit from the continuing efforts. However, we need to pay a bit more for such service because of the huge investment by hosting company. It's always not acceptable for most novoice when comparing to traditional type service. On this point of view, the actual green hosting providers need to introduce more advanced technologies to reduce the cost so as to get more clients. It's hard to persvade people to buy something expensive while there's cheap choice.

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