Web Hosting To Avoid

hosting to avoid

Working with the right hosting service means half success of your website. You can search out a list tips on how to find the best web hosting service because it's placed everywhere. While we're looking for something really good, how can we avoid the bad ones? Besides those named out companies, we also concluded following tips about how to avoid a bad web hosting service based our editorial experience.

Technologies blow off

Such hosting providers always blow off their technologies for server/network management. They announce to provide the best server and protection like TBs ddos attack protection. They always use some very professional word terms to describe service just like their server is nuclear powered. They open lots of threads on every internet forums and always trying to approve they're number one. However, they can't show up a decent list of happy clients. How can you trust their blow off words?

Less customer caring

Such issue always happen from those big groups who just focus on business expanding. They manage a big business with powerful financial support. They don't care about your small paying for the service. If you send out complaints, they might ask you to leave directly. What you see on their company blog or forum is all about data center setup or new technology application. They are also very active in acquiring other business to grow up fast. They're so busy in their business and don't have time to improve customer service.

It's very common for those big brands, especially for those who manages multiple sub brands. They often migrate people from one system to another for good reason. In case you face problems for hosting account, they just like playing balls between new and old supports.

Brave policies

They create very cheap hosting plans and state clearly what they support. For example they state the service is only suitable for small site purpose and don't provide support for anything else. No matter how customers complain, they just send out their policy with no more explanation. They seem to tell people their products are just for hobby purpose and couldn't be used for long. Their people are even doing so ugly, how can we trust their service?

Why such service can still be alive in the business? Because they're cheap. Cheap is always a big concern when people looking for potential hosting service. Because of this, they can design such brave policies and force customer to accept it. In case you're not satisfied and close account, they don't loose too much because they're accepting more new clients.

All above hosting providers have one same point, just blow off and don't do something needful. They also try everything they can to attack competitors and have fun with it. If there's something hot they will join in and finally they even confused what they're doing. They might be profitable for some time because they can always catch the money point, but they can never last for long.

What we suggest for reader based above situation?

As we see, the hosting industry is pretty complex especially it's your first time to loggon. But definitely you shouldn't be convinced by what they say. You might feel its professionality by some new word terms in your sight, but you should focus on what you need from the beginning and not be misguided by their beatiful words. Most of the time what you need is an honest service even their products are not so powerful. So knowing your needs is always important during the entire process in looking for server plans

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