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Affiliate Program Overview

Web Hosting affiliate is a program launched by hosting companies and encourage people to promote their service. In return, the hosting providers will give their affiliates a certain commission. Most of the time people also call it reseller program.

Why web hosting affiliate program?

Affiliate program is absolutely helpful with web hosting service promotion and advertisement. Because the program is profitable to their affiliates, there're many communities and personal websites focusing on this topic. The most common phenomenon is when you search for some hosting related keywords, thoese affiliate websites always get higher rank on search engine such as google, yahoo. If you search more on the web you would see what a big role the affiliate program plays in hosting industry.

In web hosting company end, they with no doubt would like to gain some popularity and increase the sales, the affiliate websites are good places because most of the time people will try to get some suggestions on such website. If you write high quality articles with trusted reviews and recommendation, it will introduce a large ammount sign ups to those hosting providers. With commission return, you will be encouraged to write more professional and high quality articles with your experience through those providers.

How to start a successful web hosting affiliate campaign?

There're two parts included in this program – the hosting provider and the affiliates. In order to start a successful affiliate program they both will have to provide honest and reliable services for the basic start.

  • For web hosting provider, they have to offer both reliable hosting services and affiliate services, reliable hosting is the key to the success and if you could then offer a profitable and honest affiliate program, you're most close to success.
  • For affiliates part, you have to learn the hosting and most of the time you have to sign up with them directly to get actual experience for your future article posts. When you determine to promote a service, be sure to be as honest as possible instead of commission earning. Your website visitors are treature of your future success, if you can't keep you customer but just try to post some untrustable words, it will definitely be dead journey.
  • With above two points, you wil also need to communicate among the hosting provider and your website visitors because you have to learn what people really need and update your website with latest experience/promotions etc. A successful program is always interacted with end users.

What're some well-formed and reliable affiliate websites?

On the web, two types of hosting review sites are most important — community forums and personal blogs. Community forums are managed by several people or even a company. Personal blogs is another type website with this topic, mostly the blog owners are actual customers of the hosting they're trying to promote, they can be trusted more in some degree because they always write articles based on their own experience. So far the following forums/blogs are trustable and very popular on the internet.

Forums: webhostingtalk.com, hostingdiscussion.com, webmasterforum.com
Blogs: webhostpark.com, webhostinggeeks.org

We're also trying to be the most reliable one in the community. our website www.webhostpark.com is opened for real user experience posting and rating, we have been in this industry over 5 years and know the business quite well, you're welcomed to communicate with me directly if you have any doubt or concern for your web hosting choice.

Which web hosting affiliate program can be trusted?

Since the affiliate program is offered by almost every web hosting provider, which one can be trusted and which is scam? Of course it's quite importan to choose the right provider before you try to promote their service, a reliable and profitable program will reduce business loss as well as earning your life. Here're few tips you can follow about how to choose the right affiliate program:

1. Learn the company history carefully — by doing so you can find out how long their service have been setup in the industry and how people think about them, if a company has long history there must be many readable materials to determine if they're worthy of trying.

2. Get updated with the industry news — this is quite important to learn who's going on with those service providers. Especially recent years there're many acquisition and merging events, although the company has been sold to another one but they still keep the official site the same as before but the service level might be dropped back a lot, in such case you will get a big pain if you still trying to promote them, you and your website will be considered as scam by people.

3. Get interacted with communities — community forums are the best place to get latest customer feedbacks and learn how people think about the service you're trying to promote, it will also be helpful to clear people's doubt and introduce your host company.

The above tips are basic rules you should follow before you try to promote some hosting services, since the affiliate program is also your business, you really should evaluate the service properly or else it will bring disaster to your website.

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