Top 5 Free Website Platforms

top 5 free website platforms

Sometimes you just need a simple page for personal profile purpose. Because of the low requirement you don't have to research a lot for a high performance web hosting service. Instead, you can make full use of the available free website platforms. You will get a bunch list of such service from a simple google search. But which will be the best choice? We compiled a list of the top 5 free website platforms based editorial experience and user ratings from below. Take a look and select the best one that suit your needs.


Blogger( is officially operated by google group. It's firstly crated by Pyra Labs group in 1999 and merged into google in 2003. Blogger is one of the very first free blog platforms with the most popularity. From it's official report, the highest registration rate is over 1 million within one month. Till present, blogger is still the largest blog platform. You can use blogger for simple website creation, blog posting. It comes with a very powerful visual editor where you can make instant changes to your site without dealing with code behind. Blogger also has a great template source to help with your website customization. Just join with your google account!


Wordpress( is the most popular blog platform that's managed by wordpress official team. Unlike all other website system, most core functions are provided from admin panel to help you create a powerful website. Some critical functinos like url structure, widgets, traffic analysis are all included as default. You can also define the website address whenever you like to change. In case you need to create multiple sites for different purpose, you can manage them all from the same admin side but don't have to sign up each site using different personal details. In case you would like to apply your own domain name, just register it directly in the backend then you can start your own site!


Weebly( is website builder service provider where you can drag/drop modules to the design panel for website creation. It provides both free and paid plans with different features. The free plan provides people basic functions for simple website creation. Unlike any other sitebuilder service that comes with lots of templates, you need to define most design by yourself from weebly panel such as page navigation, type of content etc. The big advantage of weebly sitebuilder is its 100% mobile device compatibility and simple usage. Once the template is selected, you just use the drag/drop modules for customization.


Wix( is also a type of sitebuilder service with both free and paid plans. The main difference is if you want to show their ads on your website. Paid plans also offer free domain registration and additional offers based the plan you choose. The wix sitebuilder service provides a bunch of templates in different categories. Just pick up the best one with you needs and start the building! However, you should note many templates are commercial version. You need to pay for such templates in case you need it. The wix sitebuilder is html5 based and all your data will be stored in its cloud storage for maximum accessability.


Tumblr( was opened in 2007 and currently owned by Yahoo! group. It's different from any existing blog platform, it's a featured light blogging site with well organization for content, social media and personality. Tumblr merged the advantages of traditional blog and social media site like facebook and twitter. You can follow and like other bloggers and articles by mouse clicking. Tumblr is 100% free to join and pretty easy to create your own website by following its guidance.

As we see, it's quite easy to launch your own website without paying. Especially when you have pretty low requirement for simple website creation, you can make full use of above free platforms and they will keep it free forever!

However, please note all your submited data on these free platforms can not be downloaded to your local computer. Means you can not transfer the website to anywhere else. If you got a paid hosting some day for better experience, you will have to start over again. So you need to evaluate if you really need the free service.

One day, you found you have added too many stuff to your site and need more reliable service to deal with, you might have to work days to move it over. If you need to go to paid hosting service in short periods, we highly suggest check out the best budget hosting service from ipage( Only $1.99/mo you can take full advantage of web hosting for any website purpose.

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