Top 10 Hosting Secret Revealed

Top 10 hosting secret revealed

Finding the proper web hosting provider is absolutely the most important task before our website going online. However, not everybody is led in right direction. For example there're various top 10 hosting list in various comparison on internet, but someone simply says NO to all of them and provided lots of beautiful reasons. Under such circumstance, people who have no experience in this industry will be easily misguided and confused how to choose the right one. After experienced with hosting talkers on the web and reviews of related hosting websites, I would like to share my personal opinions about those websites. If you feel it's useful, make sure to share with other people who're in need of unbiased advice.

Web Hosting Advertisement Tricks

Indeed, many hosting companies are living by advertisement. Especially for those new setup brands, it's hard to get an order without advertising anywhere. The most popular name hostgator gained it's success by right ads and other marketing tricks. So don't hate those ads on google or other websites, just think we're the service providers and need more visitors to check our products. The only thing we need pay attention is to make sure we can evaluate correctly so won't make the wrong choice.

When we deal with a newly setup service, we always need do further efforts to make sure it will be working properly. Normally, such service is good choice for novice because they always offer us nice price with reasonable features. For professional webmasters, a matured hosting company is suggested with no doubt because they know exactly what's needed to support their online apps.

Are those Top 10 Hosting lists all bad?

We always see top 10 providers for various service plans and there are always retort to such ratings. It's not a surprise those ethical websites are less and less because of hard life, however we have to admit nothing is perfect. Every webmaster has their own top 10 list and may differ a lot to others. It's simply from their own experience. Nobody can test out all hosting providers then make a real top 10 list.

So can we trust such rating? If we check out some top 10s we should have noticed most are from big companies. Such brands are serving a large amount clients on the globe. Many professionals on hosting forums are trying to convince people to avoid such ratings because they never trust them. However we have to admit such companies are indeed serving thousands of people very well. It's quite normal to see both positive and negative comments because of their huge business.

Another popular suggestion on the web forums is to avoid EIG brands. EIG is very active in acquiring other companies recent years and indeed caused some problems during platforms transition. If we really want to avoid any EIG brand there won't be too much choice left, even the hostgator is now part of their business. Can we say EIG is zero good for hosting? Absolutely not! I can't say EIG is 100% perfect choice but they do control a big part of the hosting market and they do serve lots of happy clients with no complaints. Generally speaking, the EIG hosting business is mainly on shared linux hosting, other service plans like VPS/Dedicated server and cloud hosting etc are not popularly offered yet, so other companies still be able to compete with their own advantages.

How to select the correct web hosting service?

It is frequently asked from almost every web forums, but the answer is pretty simple. "Know what you need", this is short and the best answer. If you just need 1GB space then don't look for 10 or 100GB offer with the same price. If you need a VPS server, never go with a shared, no matter how attractive it is. We should also remember we get what we pay for, that's always the golden rule in web hosting. If you still not sure how to select, make sure to contact professionals around you or popular forums like webhostingtalk. We're also available on this blog site to answer your questions, don't hesitate to contact us when in need of hosting help.

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