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Microsoft Sharepoint Service(WSS) is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform from Microsoft. It's first launched in 2001, the most recent version is WSS 2013. Along with WSS, there're also Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Microsoft Search Server. Sharepoint website can be customized by built in templates or sharepoint designer. SharePoint also contains various web-parts that can display sorted or filtered information in various ways.

About Sharepoint Hosting Service

Sharepoint is always offered from a dedicated hosting plan because it will take lots of system resources. Especially when issues a new site creation, we always see 100% CPU usage. Because of this, the regular shared hosting server does not support sharepoint service. It's popularly offered via a special hosting plan where only WSS sites supported. In this way the website performance/security etc are extremely guaranteed.

Because sharepoint site relies on windows server and office to work with, the hosting provider must be windows hosting friendly with up to date support over microsoft technologies.

Best Sharepoint Hosting Provider

The best sharepoint hosting awards goes to myhosting( based its industry reputation, sharepoint server performance and affordable price. With $19.95/mo price you get full access to sharepoint service with lots of built in templates and web parts to build a powerful sharepoint website!

Myhosting sharepoint hosting plan core features

  • No hidden costs
  • Unlimited Sharepoint user accounts
  • Unlimited sub webs
  • Free Sharepoint designer
  • Microsoft Office integration

Learn more about myhosting sharepoint service from

About Myhosting

Myhosting is the largest IT service provider in Canada with over 10 years hosting business. It's most well known for it's custom VPS hosting offer where you can setup the vps server by your exact requirements. Till today their hosting is powering global websites in over 170 countries. They got unbeatable server uptime and customer satisfication rate in that area by offering leading hosting solutions. Learn more about myhosting from this myhosting review article.

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Sharepoint Hosting FAQs

What can I use sharepoint do exactly?

Sharepoint is mainly used for management and sharing purpose including: Collaboration, Content management, Website and user management. You can fully customize the site based your requirements. Check this page see what you can do.

How can I edit sharepoint website?

You can edit sharepoint site directly from admin login. If you would like to import a web part or template etc you have to contact server admin.

Can I access to sharepoint website files?

The sharepoint data are all stored in sql server database so you don't have to edit the web files. All wss websites are central managed by sharepoint server.

How can I enable sharepoint site anonymous access?

You need to enable on IIS manager for anonymous access then edit your website user groups to allow anonymous access.

How can I make sharepoint website backup?

The sharepoint website backup has to be exported on server end by command lines. It will be a single file including all your website configurations so you can import to other server space easily.

What's new in microsoft sharepoint 2013?

The next version Sharepoint 2013 works with cloud computing and social network apps. You will be able to manage your projects more efficient and professional. Based its optimized structure, the overall performance is greatly improved so you can spend more time delivering innovation and less time managing infrastructures. See more about the new features on this page.

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