Secure Email Hosting

Secure email hosting

Secure Email Hosting introduction

Secure email Hosting is mainly referring to email data protection from hosting provider. It includes both hardware and software configurations to deal with common problems like Email spam, Email virus and hacking attempts etc. Secure Email hosting is suggestted if your business highly rely on it. Here let's going to check who's offering such service and the best way to get secure SMTP/POP3 server.

Logically, all web hosting servers should have installed some kind hardware production for data security such as the Cisco products. Software level protection for email should be also installed for antivirous and spam. Most popular software solution would be Norton and Mcafee products. Meanwhile, SSL should be provided for basic setup as well. A decent email hosting provider should have prepared for all. However, since most of the time we use email client for email sending/receiving, secured SMTP/POP3 or IMAP server is desired mostly. As most hosting services are cpanel based, we're going to check how to use SSL for your email account.

cPanel Secure email settings

Normally, we access the cpanel directly through and SSL version is on But have you ever noticed there's an SSL version for webmail? It's by default setup on Generally, the POP/SMTP might be different from different hosting providers, normally both are setup to "" address, but please make sure to check out with your hosting support for the actual address. OR you can also use the server IP addres directly for POP/SMTP servers, the IP address is provided at the left bottom after you signed in cpanel account(Most web hosting providers will not tell you doing this because you can send email using their email service no matter if your MX records are pointed to their server)

cpanel ip

What would be the secure SMTP/POP3/IMAP ports in cpanel? Standard ports for SMTP, IMAP, and POP are 25, 143, and 110. Standard ports for the secure versions are 465/ 993 /995. If your hosting server has alternative settings, make sure to check out with hosting support to make the proper change.

How to use Google Secured SMTP server?

Google offers the most reputable free secure email service at the moment, in case you don't want to bound your email from hosting provider for best security, you can take advantages of gmail smtp server. What you need to do is to edit your domain mx records to work with google mail server. Let's take cpanel hosting for example on how to make the canges

  • Step 1: In cPanel look for the option MX Entry and click it
  • Step 2: Select Remote Mail Exchanger
  • Step 3: Hit the Change button
  • Step 4: In the 'Add New Record' area you must make the following entries with the stated priorities, It should be something like the following:
MX Records Priority

Different hosting providers might have different priority settings, check out this google documentation for your exact hosting provider.

Google Secure mail server SMTP port is on 465 or 587

Best secure email hosting recommendation

The best secure email hosting should be equipped with leading hardware/software for best email data protection. It should also be configured with good policies to deal with hacking attempts and email virus. Last but not least, the server should have fast loading speed. Based such rules, we highly suggest check out Hostgator, Inmotion and Arvixe for best secure email hosting service.

Arvixe and Inmotion are offering standard cpanel email service with shared SSL support, just follow above standard SMTP/POP3/IMAP information to setup your email account and it will be working fine. They both are recommended for fast and secure email solutions.

Hostgator offers standard email service plus Smartermail service. If you need the email service to be configured on different servers, hostgator smartermail is the best choice. Smartermail is well-known for the best alternative choice of exchange server and very powerful built-in functions to meet your business email requirements.

Go to for secure email hosting plans

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