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Search engine is playing an important role in our daily life. While you're surfing on the net, are you aware what kind of search engines people use in the world? comScore provided us a valuable report for top 10 search engines as well as their market shares on the globe.

NO.1 Google 62% — The Top search engine with over half market share. Google is providing over 200 millions search queries and works with over 8 billions web pages every day.

NO.2 Yahoo 12.8% — One of the oldest and most valuable search engines. It is being visited by over 1.2 billions people. Yahoo also offers the top rated SEO tools such as yahoo explorer.

NO.3 Baidu 5.2% — The largest search engine in China and actually only used by Chinese users. Baidu can be ranked the third simply because of the large amount users in China. It's also one of the very few search engines that're not ranked for globalmarket occupation.

NO.4 Bing 2.9% — Bing is some part new in the competition, but got quick popularity because Microsoft decided to integrate all their searches to it.

NO.5 NHN 2.4 — NHN is the biggest search engine in south Korea. It's similar to the Baidu that's designed with local language.

NO.6 eBay 2.2% — Unlike all other search engines that offer general searchs with all topics, eBay is 100% ecommerce based for online shopping. eBay has various local brands in all major countries.

NO.7 Timewarner 1.6% — It was the biggest ISP and media service provider in US. Their search engine service was mainly provided by AOL.

NO.8 ASK 1.1% — will give you direct answers over 10 million questions. It's the best FAQ search engine to date.

NO.9 Yandex 0.9% — Started in 1993, it's the largest search engine in Russia and the second most popular in Europe. It is sharing over 44% Russia market. The Yandex successful is because of the management over complex Russia grammar.

NO.10 Alibaba 0.8% — Alibaba is most famous to international business providers. It's similar to eBay but it's more international and almost the must choice if you want to open business in China.

The above stats is provided by comScore till 2010. Some small changes might be occur during two year's progress but the general ranking is kept the same.

About comScore: Founded in 1999, it's an international internet information service provider and famous for it's analytics and research over internet information. It's monitoring over 3 million global websites over 170 countries. It has been leading  data source provider for mobile and internet statistics.

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