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Unlike the computer's big screen, it's very limited for mobile devices. That's why most mobile websites are pretty simple. However, many websites don't have mobile version and filled with lots of ads. In order to navigate smoothly, it's necessary to filter those ads. In this article we're going to discuss how to filter mobile ads for Android.

Universal method
Adblock Plus for Android – Developed by, professional in wifi ads filtering. 3G mode filtering is supported as Root. The rules can be found/edited at "/data/data/"

Root: hosts – The same as windows hosts file. We can block any domain names or IPs by redirecting to or any invalid ip. The default location for Android hosts file: /etc/hosts

Chrome for Android(root)
We can define custom CSS for desktop Chrome. Chrome for Android comes with the same features. You can visit google chrome docs about how to customize the layouts. Custom.css location: /data/data/ StyleSheets/Custom.css

Firefox for Android
Adblock Plus is almost the standard ads filtering plugin for firefox (both desktop and mobile device). Custom rules can be edited in Root. File location: /data/data/org.mozilla.firefox/files/mozilla/xxxxxxx.dafault/adblockplus/patterns.ini

There're several other popular plugins like NoScript, Sylish etc. They are all mobile compatible.

Opera Mobile
Opera Mobile is the same as desktop version. Ads filtering is configured via urlfilter.ini and custom.css. How to configure? Just follow the tips below

opera:config – network- url filter file, select the urlfilter.ini location -> save
opera:config – user prefs – local css file, select the custom.css location -> save

There're also existing rules available on net, for ex

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