Managed WordPress Hosting. When and Who?

managed wordpress hosting

What managed wordpress hosting is? Why or when you should use a managed service? If you have researched on the web and puzzled about the various offer, we provide a clear and easy understanding in this article. We also provide in depth reviews on how to select the right managed wordpress hosting plan quickly and professionally.

Briefly introduction of managed wordpress hosting

The word "Managed" has explained everything. Means your wordpress site security/optimization/updates and all stuff will be handled by hosting provider on server end, users just need to focus on website content and promotion. In this way you don't have to worry about most technical parts and everything is hold in safe hands. At the meanwhile, you need to pay more for the service since their people have done extra effort to support your site.

Thus, you can judge easily those companies who announce to offer managed wordpress hosting service. If the price is exactly the same of regular shared hosting, then their wordpress hosting is no different than normal hosting solutions.

Pros and Cons of managed service

The main advantage/disadvantage is already very clear but could be in further details by following categories

  • Performance, the direct difference comparing to traditional service. Because we have paid extra money for it, hosting providers configured few accounts on same server space thus there're sufficient server resources to support our wordpress sites. Moreover, all managed wordpress hosting providers have fully optimized their servers to serve wordpress script based their development experience. Their people are monitoring all hosting servers/service by both automatic and manual operation to deliver the best performance as they can.
  • Security, the most advanced feature comparing to any other hosting service. Because for managed wordpress hosting server, everything is about wordpress without other scripts. In this way, they can apply any security rules without considering incompatibility with other service so our wordpress site security is greatly improved.
  • User experience. Based all above advantages, the final result is perfect user experience will be generated. Because of the hassle free service, we have no worries about anything like hacking attempts, server crash etc because everything is frequently backed up for urgent recovery.

The weakness? None besides the high cost. Cost is the primary consideration for managed wordpress service. As everything is maintained by hosting provider, they have to invest more manpower and hardware equipments to ensure the service quality. Because of this, you don't have to consider a managed hosting if you operate a personal or small wordpress site.

Who need the service? Managed wordpress hosting is highly recommended for business site purpose. For example your enterprise site is crated on wordpress platform or you run a famous wordpress blog site that's not suitable on shared hosting. Then a managed wordpress service should be your primary consideration. Based all bonus it provided, it's even better than dedicated server service if you configured everything to wordpress.

About WPEngine managed wordpress hosting plan

Who provides managed wordpress hosting service? WPengine is probably the best one which is recommended by both wp developers and business users. The WPengine team are all wordpress developers who are 100% familiar with wordpress script. Because of this, they have customized the hosting server setup with their own optimizer. From wordpress software installation to huge site optimization, everything is automated with their service. WPengine provides multiple powerful plans and could be fully customized to meet your requirements.

Just began in 2010, the wpengine service already earned more than 14000 global clients with over 120000 wordpress installation. On 1/14/2014, their company secured $15 million in growth funding from North Bridge Growth Equity as announced from their blog post. Europe office is planned to provide better support for local clients. From industry news announcement, around 20 firms are interested to invest their project because of their leadership in this business. From wpengine recent development, they're planning to put everything on cloud and bring revolutional improvements for their service.

wpengine managed wordpress hosting plan

Alternative choice of managed wordpress hosting? Probably you need to hire a wp professional to configure and optimize your site and monitor it 24*7. However, the cost can go up a bit if you do not have sufficient experience in managing a big website.

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