Mailing List Hosting

Mailing list hosting

Mailing list Introduction & Hosting

Mailing list is a collection of email addresses by people and send out bulk emails to all user addresses in the list. The user list can be added manually or via website subscription. Most of the time, mailing list is called "email marketing" by people. A mailing list supported hosting service will provide clients the needed software and list management tools.

Why mailing list?

The purpose of mailing list is for newsletter announcement and business marketing. Mailing list has probably the longest history for online marketing promotion. No matter if we want to send out news update to communities or advertise our latest products to people, mailing list is always most efficient method. An honest and well designed letter will return more than expected.

Best Mailing list Hosting Provider

A mailing list is always composed by thousands of subscribers, once we started the broadcasting, it will cause busy data transition on server & network. Also, if we're trying to send out less quality letters and caused user reporting, the entire server will be blocked by major providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo etc.

Because of this, the mailing list feature is strictly limited by most hosting providers. Normally, we can send about 2000 mails per month via shared hosting service. If we want to send out more, we have to use dedicated mailing list service or setup our own mail server to handle it. A mailing list hosting plan is relatively expensive than regular hosting solutions as it needs to ensure the inbox success. If you're looking for quality mailing list hosting service plan, it's recommended to check out following

GodaddyGodaddy is leading service provider of web hosting, domain registration and email marketing. If you need quality email hosting plans, godaddy offers economy, deluxe and premium packages for different levels requirements. We're allowed to send additional amount via extra costs. Godaddy mailing list plans come with

  • Easy Email Editor
  • 20,000+ images to customize campaigns
  • Easily add sign-up forms to any website
  • Real-time campaign statistics
  • Unlimited list segmentation to tailor your offers
  • Post campaigns on social networks

Another leading brand for mailing list solution is WebhostingHub. Their iContact list server is fully capable of handling large amount email sending. The iContact established relations with the major ISPs and have been whitelisted with email giants like AOL and Yahoo. Here's more about what's included

  • Message scheduling
  • Open and click through tracking
  • Built in WYSIWYG Editor
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Bounce-back handling
  • Automated Subscription Management
  • Sign-Up Form Generator
  • List Segmentation
  • Multiple Message Autoresponder
  • Integrated Surveying

We can also get a dedicated server and install our own email softwares for email marketing purpose. The main problem is about IP whitelist. It's easy to get a server and configure the service but more complex to have it working as expected because of more and more spam control.

How to use mailing list successfully?

How to start successful email marketing? Several tips to follow up

Pay attention to quality
Regardless any good mailing list service, If we just send out useless broadcasting without considering the message quality, even it got to users' inbox, it will be ignored or marked as "SPAM".

Know your audience
It's not suggested to send broadcasting to people that's not in our community unless we're pretty sure they'll be interested.

Give out choice
We should provide an unsubscribe link in the end so in case someone don't like to receive future mails. If we continue to send mails to somebody that not interested with our information, they will blacklist us and report our accounts. In that case we loose a lot!

In a word, mailing list marketing is not just to send out an email to people but to build confidence between audience and ourselves.

Mailing List Hosting FAQs

How can i send out list mail?

With a mailing list hosting service, you always need to send out the mail from management center. If you manage your own mailing list server, you can send the list mail from email account directly.

How many emails Can I send out per list?

The limit can be daily basis or monthly basis, you have to confirm with your service provider.

Is dedicated server better than mailing hosting service?

Depends. A dedicated server will work much better if you're skilled in list server configuration and the related setup. In case you use the list incorrectly, your entire server will be blacklisted. A mailing list service has many restrictions to ensure the server health and much easier to use because everything is pre-configured. Hosting support be able to fix problems at the earliest time.

How do I monitor the mailing lists stats

You can view the list stats from management center where you can see the number of sent mails, subscribers & unsubscribers.

How long will the list server send out my list mail?

Normally, with a mailing list hosting, the list server will pre-check your email contents to determine if your email is legal or if there's any virus etc to ensure the server security. It might take up to 24 hours.

How to identify a good mailing list hosting provider?

A good mailing list hosting must be configured by leading mailing list softwares and powerful server. It must be trusted by major mail providers like gmail, hotmail and yahoo etc.

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