JustCloud Review

justcloud review

Our whole lives are stored on our hard drives … so what happens when it crashes or gets stolen? When a hard drive fails, and the data isn't backed up, it's gone for good. And it's not a question of if your hard drive will fail, it's a question of when your hard drive will fail — it's only a matter of time.

Above is part of the newsletter from one of my hosting providers for Justcloud cloud storage service. If you're looking for quality and affordable backup plan, let's check out if the justcloud is good or not.

Justcloud introduction

Justcloud is division of Thejustdevelopit group(the mother company of Justhost). There're actually total of 3 brands about cloud computing with JDI, they're Zipcloud, Mypcbackup and Justcloud. The justcloud brand is absolutely the most popular one for the outstanding design and affordable service. As with all the other JDI Backup brands, JustCloud offers a complete online backup, file sharing and file syncing solution.

Why backup in cloud space?

Not sure you need cloud-based storage? These scary stats may make you change your mind:

  • All hard drives will crash in their lifetime
  • An estimated $400 million is lost in the U.S. annually due to poor data protection practices1
  • 57% of SMBs have no disaster recovery plan2
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that 25% of businesses do not reopen after a major data loss3
  • 70% of small businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year4

So you see how important it is to keep a good backup of our data before you wish you did!

Justcloud Pros

The Justcloud is offering pretty nice solution for cloud backup. Here's short list about the spotlights

  • Up to 14 days FREE trial before you pay
  • Unlimited storage for only £4.95/mo
  • Sync multiple computers
  • Access Files anywhere via PC or mobile device
  • 100% compatible with Windows and MacOS
  • Encrypted and secure file transfer

If you think the price is still not acceptable, don't worry, they have offered 35% discount if you have navigated their website carefully. Just scroll to the bottom navigations and click the (Secret Link) then promotion is activated automatically!

JustCloud Cons

Indeed, there's very clear weakness with Justcloud. For example they don't show up what the service price is on website. Especially from some time ago their free trial storage has only 14MB, that means nothing can be backed up with this service. The good news is they changed to unlimited later and we can take the same advantages of paid service

How do we think about?

Well, that completely depends your requirements. The Justcloud will be good choice if you need efficient customer support and guaranteed service. If you just like to upload your files to online storage to share with people, then other free service plan such as Gdrive or Dropbox will work properly as well.

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