Is VPS better than Shared Server?

is vps better than shared server?

VPS is considered an upgrade option of shared hosting when you need more than a shared server can offer. Especially when you need better performance on your business site, VPS is always suggested by most professionals. Is VPS server really working better than shared hosting? What we should know about before makeing the final decision? We're going to reveal the secret and check when you really need a VPS service.

Ideally, a vps server is allocated with dedicated resource from host server and it can be only used by your applications. But it's not always working like this in real world. There're simply too many virtualization solutions that will result in different quality servers. For example, many server providers create vps using OpenVZ. Being an open sourced platform, OpenVZ is widely installed for quick virtual server setup. However, the problem with this software is it can be over sold easily. Unlike most other commercial solutions that are strictly limited by license, server providers can easily edit the openvz kernel then create more than limited numbers vps instance.

Another weak point of openvz is about performance. All VPS servers share the same hardware resources. Especially on CPU and network load, as long as one server uses more then the rest servers can only get limited resources to share. Means if there's one server overloading, then all vps servers will be affected on the same host server.

As about shared hosting server, it's always extremely optimized via leading configurations by hosting group. Because there're lots of clients on a single server, they know the importance to maintain a healthy server environment so they have tried almost everything they can to setup a powerful and reliable hosting server. There's also daily backup and live monitoring applied to ensure its performance and security. Generally speaking, a well maintained share hosting server has more than required hardware resources so even after you overloaded the limits you are still safe. As about website performance, you can't really tell if it will be better on vps unless you have purchased a high standard server.

When do you have to get a vps server?

There're many reasons you select vps option, but you have to use a vps for below conditions

  • You need to install something that's not possible under shared hosting environment.
  • You need to test website compatibility and debug lively on production server environment.
  • You need better security protection and aovid the crowd shared environment.
  • You need quick problem fix when your website down and don't want to wait for hosting help.

There're more reasons to sign up vps. But you must evaluate the most important point and check if it's worth the try. The biggest advantage is you have full control of all server services so you can configure everything as you like, you do not receive this support from a shared hosting.

How to select the right VPS service?

As explained from above, different vps platform will generate different performance. If you're going to host a busy web application that requires high reliability, it's quite important to select the right server plan. Technically, openvz is not suggested unless you just sign up for practice purpose. For business website, XEN, KVM and virtuozzo are perfect choice. If you need windows vps server, hyper-v should be primarily considered because its provided by microsoft itself. Moreover, budget vps service is not suggested either for business site no matter how good it's advertised. For good and reputable vps service, this top 5 vps hosting list is good source to follow.

Best alternative choice of VPS

After you outgrew a shared server you have lots of choice to go instead using VPS server. Many hosting companies provide a service similar to VPS called "Business hosting" or enterprise hosting. It's still on shared server but just shared by much few clients. The actual server performance is much better than a average vps. The big advantage with this service is you don't have to maintain the server by yourself. It's still operated by hosting support team so you can sleep well at midnight.

For high performance and security business hosting solutions, we highly suggest check out arvixe who can provide both windows and linux plans with leading features. The arvixe business hosting might be a little expensive comparing to their budged shared hosting service, but you get what you pay. The extra fees generate 10 times more value and simplified your web hosting experience.

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