Ipower reviews

iPower reviews

iPower Introduction

iPower was firstly created in 1999 with multiple hosting solutions for both linux and windows server plans. iPower currently serves more than 700,000 worldwide clients with over 1000,000 websites hosted. Beside website hosting, the company also provide website design and marketing service at affordable prices.

iPower Review – Hosting Plans

iPower starts with 3 classes of Linux plans and a windows pro plan with good good support over asp.net, SQL server and other popular technologies. Client be able to choose among shared, VPS and dedicated solutions.

Shared hosting: iPower offers rich feature shared hosting including a free domain, free site builder tool, $50 in Facebook ad credits, $25 for Yahoo/Bing advertising and $100 in Google ad credits. It's also possible to sign up for a free listing on YP.com and claim a toll-free number via Nextiva. In addition, there's a Marketplace where customers can buy top-up add-on services such as SSL certificates, SEO services and online backup tools. In terms of scripts, only one is offered: EmailBrain, a mailing list application.

ipower hosting features

iPower provides a single windows hosting plan based windows server 2003 platform. Though there're lots of leading features provided for this hosting, the highest .net framework is limited to 3.0 which is pretty old now. There's no news or phenomenon they're going to upgrade to latest windows server system.

VPS Hosting: Since 2014, iPower started to offer vps server plans based cloud platform. Server can be ready instantly upon order confirmation, so we don't have to wait long time or contact manual support for server setup. The cloud management panel provides every needed tools for server configuration and monitoring.

Dedicated Hosting: Very similar to vps server but customer get dedicated resources other than shared. The cloud server system is fully scalable to meet your business growth. Server specs can be upgraded on the fly with no service interruption. Each server comes with one free domain name and search engine credits over google, yahoo and bing.

ipower vps hosting

iPower Review – Control panel

There're two control panel systems used by iPower service – vDeck and cpanel control panel. vDeck is provided for all shared hosting plans(both linux & windows hosting). All tools and services are properly configured from account login. Some frequently accessed service like account management, domain & DNS management are all available with easy navigation. We also have google webmaster tools from control panel center.

For vps and dedicated server service, cPanel is standard option for server services. Plus, we get a cloud control panel for real time server monitoring. Even the server is unaccessible for some reason, we still have access to its data from control panel center. We also be able to configure sms notification for any abnormal activity. Fully mobile compatible!

iPower Review – Performance

Because iPower operates cross-platform services on multiple plans, their performance varies depends the service you select. The shared linux hosting service is no difference than other vdeck based hosting provider. Just be noted that they use Debian linux instead others like centos. From all our testing and experience of their platform, the linux hosting service is pretty stable. Although ping tests are between 300~500ms, the real service loading on website is between 3~6 seconds which is acceptable.

About windows, because it's setup on server 2003 and lack of some popular features on new server system, so we can not test some new applications for system limitation.

What really highlights their service would be vps and dedicated service. Either from server features or platform view, it's leading comparing to any other provider. Cloud based platform and leading server management system simply drives everything on top edge.

iPower Review – Price

The most valued service from iPower is "Pro Plan" hosting which is offered at $3.95/mo. This price includes a free domain name, unlimited disk storage & data transfer plus hundreds of search engine credits.

Their vps & dedicated service are also provided on promotional price which is pretty affordable by most customers. VPS starts at $19.99/mo and dedicated server on $119.99/mo with fully managed support.

iPower Review – Support

iPower is handling excellent support service. Either basic sales question or complicated tech support, their people can always respond friendly via professional knowledges. Their main support channel is from web chat and ticket system, though they do have multiple other support services. Most of the time, we can find answers directly from knowledge base. Their support team is trying to post as more problem fixing articles as possible. But for complex problem solutions, ticket system is highly suggested.

Do we recommend iPower service?

Although iPower provides excellent linux hosting, vps and dedicated server services, they provides an outdated windows hosting plan too. There's no reason they keep the linux service on cutting edge level but do nothing to windows. It's a common problem over other endurance brands with windows hosting service. Looks like they stopped updating everything on this platform. So if you seek for leading windows hosting service, ipower is not the right place to go, but for linux services, they're doing perfect

Visit iPower for Plan offers www.iPower.com

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