Inmotion Hosting vs Webhostinghub

Inmotionhosting vs Webhostinghub

Inmotion & Webhosting comparison is totally based true user experience and ongoing monitoring for hosting features, server performance, general price value and support availability etc. The purpose of this article is to provide a basic guidance to users in choosing the two web hosts.

Absolutely, the name webhostinghub is not new to many people because it’s advertised everywhere on the internet. Is webhostinghub a good hosting provider? Why do we put it together with inmotion hosting? Ok, please continue to read the article below. I’m sure you will refresh your old memory after read over this post.

About Inmotion hosting – one of the most reputable business web hosting providers for high performance choice. Inmotion hosting provides enterprise class hosting solutions with affordable costs. The company setup blade fast servers via SSD and max available hardware resources.

About Webhostinghub – a well known professional hosting provider for small to medium websites. Especially when referring to some popular CMS platforms like wordpress, webhostinghub is always on top recommendation.

Is there any relationship between the two hosting brands? Yes there is! inmotion hosting and webhostinghub are actually sister companies! Please refresh your memory if you still think they’re independent hosting companies. Webhostinghub was founded in 2006 by inmotion hosting team aimed in offering affordable and quality share hosting service to personal and medium size business. Let’t s give them a basic omparison and find out their secret.

Is inmotion hosting good hosting provider?

Absolutely yes, Inmotion hosting is top rated service provider for super stable hosting server and uptime guarantee. Plus the detailed outstanding hosting offers, their service is trusted by over 90% existing clients. If you would like to learn more about this web hosting company you can visit this inmotion hosting review post.

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What’s Good of Webhostinghub?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what’s actually good of this hosting service because with no personal experience with them. But by read over their official website and communication with their online support I got follow basic ideas about their service.

Affordable and simple web hosting plan. Webhostinghub only configured one hosting plan with general features offered by other hosting comapnies.

Real 24 x 7 live support. Just tried to contact their live chat support at 12:00AM and 3:00AM and the chat was picked up within 10 seconds. Comparing to many other hosting support, it’s fast enough.

Inmotionhosting vs Webhostinghub, which is better?

Webhostinghub is featured with a single all in one hosting solution where you get everything unlimited. Inmotion Hosting offers multiple shared hosting plans plus VPS and dedicated server hosting. You can always upgrade to a proper hosting solution once you have outgrew your shared hosting service.

Hosting Features: Webhostinghub offers most hosting features as unlimited such as number of supported websites, mysql databases and email accounts. However, those essential features are strictly limited on inmotion hosting server to make sure the overall performance and uptime.

Server Uptime: Both webhostinghub and inmotion hosting servers are powered by Dell server with newest hardware production. They have configured max speed zone via east and west coast datacenters to deliver the best speed to worldwide clients. Their servers/network are guarded by 24×7 monitoring with instant hot fix solutions. From the past 3 years’ continuing reports, their server uptime is unbeatable 99%!

Tech Support: Both webhostinghub and inmotion hosting are supported by the same smart team who has multiple years development experience in web hosting industry. They designed great FAQ knoledge base and video tutorials on how to use their product/service as well as simple troubleshooting. You don’t have to contact live support directly for common issues by following their knowledge base.

Price: Webhostinghub has only a single hosting plan with $3.99/mo promotional price. But you need to pay $5.95/mo to start with inmotion hosting service.

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Since they’re partner hosting companies, which is better choice to host your website? I think that depends what kind of website you’re going to host. If you read over the WHub official website you would understand their service is only suitable for small website purpose such as personal blog, enterprise website etc.. I tried to contact the WHub support team for hosting suggestions and they even recommend Inmotionhosting directly!

As we see, Inmotion hosting is definitely better choice to meet your different requirements for web hosting. Services are various from shared hosting, vps to dedicated server hosting, reseller hosting. you get complete hosting solution via inmotion. Since WHub is another brand of this company, you can also take this name into consideration because they share with the same hosting technologies.

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