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interview with inmotion hosting

Inmotion Hosting is reputable business web hosting provider. However, you won't find too much real talking by their company staff. We had an interview with their representative by our sister site before. It's nice if you would like to know more about the company. Jason Hong had 7 years IT management experience before joining in Inmotion Hosting group. He's now partnership manager with several other titles from Inmotion Hosting. Here's the interview between Jason Hong and us.

Can you give us an introduction on your company history?

Jason: Inmotion Hosting was founded in Feb, 2001. We have offices from both Virginia and Los Angeles. We have a group of IT genius with 11+ years working experience and a smart support team. Most of them have worked at least 4 years in web hosting. We have such a reliable team to trust with, that's how we become a respected company in the last 10 years.

What's the Inmotion Hosting target market?

Jason: As well known by our clients, we provide the best value service to small and medium size business. There's big difference between enterprise level hosting to those personal targeted hosting products. If you would like to show your business actions, then Inmotion hosting is perfect choice. No one would like to host their website on server space that's not opened for business clients.

What makes InmotionHosting different to other hosting companies?

Jason: We have been focusing on enterprise level hosting solutions. We fully understand our service will determine the success level of our clients' online business. Although you can find some free hosting providers, you won't find any amazon or ebay type website hosted there, because such hosting groups does not provide professional hosting solutions. We do hope users be able to understand the difference between different providers. We have been requesting us to be industry Cadillac. Moreover, Inmotion Hosting has been 3 Stars certified by CNET in the past 8 years.

Why should somebody choose InmotionHosting over another host?

Jason: Besides our stable products and service, we can meet the ongoing hosting requirements of customer business. Unlike some company who provides a single web hosting solution, our service including shared web hosting, VPS and dedicated server hosting. When you traffic grows up, you can choose to upgrade hosting plans instead chaning service provider. We can easily handle the webserver upgrade and avoid potentia downtime. Scalability and Flexibility is pretty essential for enterprise website hosting.

Can you talk something about your data center and servers?

Jason: We have datacenters on both east and west coast of USA. Being the only hosting company to have "Max Speed Zones" configured in datacenter, our server loading speed is 6 times faster at least comparing to other companies. It shows our efforts in providing the best optimized hosting service to business clients. Moreover, we're also pretty active in environment protection, our Los Angeles datacenter is green certified.

What InmotionHosting have done to achieve high customer satisfaction?

Jason: After users purchased the inmotionhosting products, they will mainly talk with our support team. We ensure every support person has high professionality and don't outsource to any third party. This is how we can keep high quality support in recent 10 years. We provide around the clock support, this includes live chat, toll-free phone calls and emails etc to satisfy our clients in most degrees.

How do you see the web hosting market changing in the upcoming few years, and what InmotionHosting has prepared for this change?

Jason: Personal websites will get more growth, people already be able to judge a good/bad web hosting. Just from several years ago, you'll be recognized professional if you have a website. However, website building is no longer difficult work because of the fast development of wordpress and drupal. Personal ecommerce websites will be more and more setup with big improvements. With their trying over different web hosting products, they will understand what a professional hosting service is. The inmotion hosting products and service standards are far more higher than our competitors, I believe our team has prepared well to deal with the changes.

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