How did Web hosts get bad reputation?

how is bad reputation hosting created

No one wants to work with a bad rated hosting service and no hosting company would like to build a bad reputation from the industry. However, many providers are indeed doing something to ruin their business in long run. Here we have generated a list of actions on how have a hosting company built a bad reputation.

More than capability features

Most servers are setup on single server basis with very limited hardware resource but everybody loves unlimited features from hosting plans like disk space, databases and email accounts and every features in hosting account. For most people they only need small resources to power a website, however there's always some exceptions you can not avoid. In case a customer used more than allocation, don't expect them to pay for extra. Instead, they will write bad comments to your company anywhere on the web so you'll loose lots of potential clients.

Outdated equipments

Web hosting business is actually full of competition based the amount of providers. In order to get customer orders, many providers are trying to reduce the costs. But they have to be profitable for their low price plans. So they purchase cheap outdated server equipments. The direct result is people will get slowness on website connection and as the number of customer accounts grow up, it will be super unstable. You might have stated what your service is most suitable for but no people will notice that, they just want to get what advertised on your site.

Oversea servers

Many hosting companies do not have their own hardware equipments. Especially from the start up, they just rent server space from data center or reseller providers. In order to save investment as more, cheap and oversea server service is their primary consideration. With such service, you just get remote access to server but do not know how the server is prepared under what condition. Because you have selected the cheap server to work with, you will not purchase premium support where you can call in 24×7. Unless you're 100% confident about server management, you'll be screamed heavily once you lost connection to server. Not to mention 99% uptime which is advertised on your site, the in time customer support can not be guaranteed.

Outsourced support

It's popular choice by many hosting companies to outsource their customer support to third party provider. They either do not have that much man power to be available 24×7 or simply don't pay enough attention to it. The problem is the third party support may not so familiar with your service structure, they can not provide some necessary technical answers thus you're in risk of loosing customers by doing that.

Another risk is you have to provide necessary admin rights to third party support people. In this way they will get access to your admin side and do some changes to customer accounts. You're not sure how those people being trained to handle such business because you never met them before. Giving them access to your customers' property means to put your business in risk.

If you have been doing above, don't complain people are posting negative comments to your service because all is the result by what you have done. Your customer just write honestly from their experience and they're the actual victim.

It's a hard job to maintain a good reputation. Nobody would like to ruin their own business but sometimes they're doing so and they may not even notice it. That's where problem starts. If you would like to maintain good reputation of your hosting business, review every day and think from customer side. Just think what service you need and what kind support you want to get from hosting company. In this way you will prevent most problems and customer will just thumb up with your service.

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