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hostpapa review

Hostpapa Introduction

Hostpapa founded in 2006 & located in Oakville with a goal to provide rich feature web hosting packages with green power supply. Hostpapa offers a three shared Linux hosting plans for the moment. The starter plan provided at $1.95/mon gives out 100G disk space including free domain registration. Hostpapa have branchs in United States, Canada, UK, France and other 3 centers in Europe.

Hostpapa Review – Hosting Features

From the very beginning, HostPapa provided a simple all-in-one web hosting plan that comes with 1 free domain for life, hosting unlimit domains and $340 search engine credits over google, yahoo and bing. Since 2014, the company starts to offer 3 hosting plans with more features added. For quick view, here's a table list of three plan general features

Hosting Plan Starter Business Business Pro
Disk storage 100G unlimited unlimited
CDN network no yes yes
Premium server no no yes
Sitebuilder 3 pages unlimited + HTML edit unlimited + HTML + css edit
Price $1.95/mo $3.95/mo $12.95/mo

Each plan provides a free domain name registration and standard cpanel management panel. The hostpapa provides free migration from your current hosting provider with guaranteed compatibility on new hosting service.

About the three hosting plans, the real difference is about server performance and dedicated ip/ssl offers. The business pro provides free ssl certificate and required dedicated ip for installation and account is hosted on their "Rocket Fast Premium Servers". Means they have different servers setup for this plan with guaranteed performance. The starter plan also does not support CDN while its included from business & business pro plans.

Hostpapa Review – Performance

Hostpapa data center is home of more than 150 telecommunications companies. Data center come with complete climate and temperature control, raised floor facility, fault protection, security, fire-suppression systems. Hosting servers are standard DELL production with up to 32 GB RAM. The hostpapa cutting edge technologies have full control over all server loadings and outages. A single server failure will not bring down its neighbours but just be hanged up for fixing.

However, we must realize the difference among their three hosting plans. Higher hosting plan accounts are hosted on different hosting servers for guaranteed resource & performance. You get what you pay, it's very clear that higher costs will give back better performance. For ecommerce solutions, we highly suggest their business pro plan because we can not only get much better performance but will save money on ssl certificates too.

Hostpapa Review – Customer Support

Hostpapa manage multiple support centers from both Europe and North America. Their support service is running 24*7*365 on every available channels like chat & tickets. Their support centers are always standby to answer your questions efficiently and professionally. Following are call numbers of their different centers

hostpapa support

More about Hostpapa

Hostpapa is Green! –  Hostpapa is one of the earliest green hosting provider while many other servers are polluting the atmosphere, hostpapa purchased "green tag" from certified green engergy supplier which calculate the power consumption very seriously and accurate and they will pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid. This will save a large amount of non-renewable energy resource and cut down the co2 rising into the air.

99.99% uptime –  Another point is server uptime guarantee, 99.99% outstanding uptime is so confident to webmaster and your business. Today there're many hosting provider announced to be 99% uptime while they're really hard to archive it and finally approved to be fraud advertising, but hostpapa does it! no more advertice or any sort of, what you see is what you're actually experiencing with hostpapa!

Mobile compatible hosting – Hostpapa is one of the very first hosting providers that co-operate with GoMobile by offering mobile website creation service. The super friendly sitebuilder wizard will get your website mobile friendly in few minutes!

What would be the weakness of hostpapa service?

Before 2014, hostpapa is blamed for their extremely high setup fee – $29.95 per hosting account setup. Now they removed this fee and everything seems to be fair enough. The only weakness might be their shared feature. If we outgrow the shared environment, we have no choice but to switch hosts for higher hosting solution. However, since they have been focused on small to medium size business, it's not a real problem. If we really have to upgrade, hostpapa will find a way to save your business.

How do we think about Hostpapa hosting?

From either hosting plan feature or customer support and client feedback, hostpapa is on top budget hosting. They have been improving and seek any possibility to serve their clients well. Based their huge support network, each customer request can be handled properly. Especially when you need local support in your country, hostpapa is unbeatable comparing to any competitor!

Sign up hostpapa advantages!

hostpapa advantages

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