Happy Valentine’s Day 2012

valentine's day 2012

Happy Valentine's Day 2012! Are you ready to send/receive gifts from your honey? I hope so and hope all of you will have a romantic and memorable festival. While we're enjoying the happy times, let's see how other people celebrating it in the world.

France: The capital of romance. On Feb 14th, love is everywhere in this country. It's common to see lovers are kissing each other on the street. For gentlemen, rose and perfum are popular gifts to the other part in life. Champagne and red wine are the best engine to express their feelings with each other. You know Fance has the best brand wines in the world, many famous wine pubs will give out discount this day and provide some special colors/tastes.

United States: From a recent research news report, over 4 million americans wish to be married or plan to speak out their love on Feb 14th. However, commercial related stuff is mentioned more in the report. Many sellers are trying to make more sales on that day, some popular products like watches, diamond rings, necklace etc are all giving out some kind of discount to attract visitor's eye-balls.

Japan: Unlike all other places in the world, it will be the first valentine's day for Japan after the earthquake and nuclear leak. The local chocolate store produced a new type chocolate candy which is made by wine and honey. The most special part is they have printed "thank you" in five languages to express their thanksgiving because of the nature disaster.

Thailand: There was a kiss competetion over 7 couples lovers on Feb 12th. One of them announced to conquer the Guinness record.

South Korea: The Soul department store produced a huge chocolate spike (length: 3m, wide: 2m) to welcome the festival. This spike is made by 60 kg chocolate.

In England, a 23-year-old fashion designer designed a skirt with 1725 roses. In order to make the skirt perfect, it took the designer 170 hours.

There're many new ideas with different people over the world, just take a search on the web then find what they're doing and what's going on.

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At last, once again I hope all you guys pass a romantic and memorable valentine's day! 2012, what a special number!

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