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cloud vps hosting

Cloud VPS means our hosting server is configured in cloud environment over all major features like storage, memory etc. While all services are cloud based, we still be able to manage it professionally via popular management panels like cpanel or plesk etc. In case you're in need of such service and looking for quality providers, let's go ahead and review more.

What's good of cloud vps server?

Cloud vps is actually the most popular form of cloud hosting services. Unless we have sufficient budget and ready to go with a cloud dedicated server plan, cloud vps will be perfect choice. The cloud vps server advantages are mainly about the comparison over traditional vps servers. If you have experienced with regular vps, the advantages will be easy to pick out. Here's quick view list of the spotlights

  • High performance and reliability
  • Multiple geographic locations
  • Guaranteed RAM and uplink connection
  • Scalable server configurations
  • Cloud storage redundancy

Unlike a single dedicated server that could be virtulized by any technology, cloud server has advanced requirements for performance and stability.  By using leading techs & optimized server structures, cloud vps simply drives the best performance for your web app.

Best cloud vps hosting provider

The actual difference among all cloud vps services is the cloud degrees. A decent cloud hosting is configured through multiple global nodes & devices. Only big groups with powerful financial backend be able to offer such service. Microsoft offers windows azure hosting which is considered the best windows cloud solution. However, they don't have any other hosting offer. The rest choice turns to other giants in hosting industry like rakspace and softlayer, but their services are simply too expensive to deal with. With our research and evaluation, Bluehost is ranked the best cloud vps hosting for plan features and pricing.

Bluehost cloud VPS hosting features

Bluehost truely understand what people needed and designed multiple hosting plans to choose from. We are able to select a starter server for only $18/mo with all necessary tools like cloud server control panel and ssh etc. Bluehost manage all services including hardware and software on their own data centers where available resources are more than enough for hosting requirements.

Bluehost cloud vps server will be instantly setup upon order verification. Your resources are guaranteed to be available at all times and server expansions are competitively priced and enabled without requiring admin assistance.

What really makes bluehost outstanding is their powerful management panel. Its GUI interface is fully featured to show up server working states and statistics. You can always access to it with any mobile device as long as internet access is activated!

  • Self-healing hardware
  • Scale with demand
  • Stellar Server & Network Uptime
  • Isolated, Secure Environment
  • Guaranteed Resources
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full root access
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA

bluehost cloud vps features

How do we think about?

VPS is powered by one of the largest hosting group – UK2 who has been majoy play in hosting over 10 years. They're running global business with leading service/customer support.  No matter if we need shared hosting or dedicated server solutions, there's always a good one from UK2 company. In case you need a decent shared hosting service, westhost is mostly recommended brand under this group.

Go to for cloud vps hosting plans details

Cloud VPS Hosting FAQs

What's the best technology for cloud vps virtualization?

The best platform and technology for cloud vps creation is KVM on Openstack. Other technologies are also popularly used such as VMware, Hyper-v and Xen etc.

What if I go over my data limits?

You will be notified at the earliest time for such case. Then you need to purchase extra resources for your vps server to keep it online.

Can I get my own VLAN/Private network?

Yes you can. With the cloud interface, it is easy to activate additional network cards, which can only be used for private traffic.

What if I want to change the server OS?

You just need to load another OS template from your control panel. Please keep in mind all your existing data on server will be cleared.

What if my cloud vps broken?

You can either do quick restoration from most recent backup or load a completely new installation.

How's cloud vps comparing to traditional vps?

Comparing to tranditional vps server, cloud vps is flexibility and scalability. The most important feature is the great uptime. In logic, you won't get downtime for cloud vps server because all service failure will be taken over by another healthy device.

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