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Blog is the most popular website style on internet. No matter it's for personal hobby or business marketing purpose, blog is the best solution. Some day we found we have so many blogs on hand and no idea how to manage them efficiently, then we should look into some blog management softwares and find the right solution. In case you're looking for such solutions, we're going to introduce some of the best ones on internet.

Best Blog management softwares comparison

When we're talking about blog, 99% are wordpress related. So our article will mainly focus on wordpress platform, the available Blog management softwares are mostly WP based too. Such softwares are most ideally to be developed in desktop application. In this field, the windows live writer has been the most popular name for professionals. Not only because of it's free, but also for it's various support over the main blog systems such as wordpress, blogspot and we can manually configure to connect to other third party blog platforms. We can add as many blogs as we can.

The problem with live writer is it can't download blog themes from the configuration untill we switch back to default theme and disable all plugins. Especially when we have some customized functions enabled with our blog site, live writer can not help at all. However, it's already good enough for basic bloging purpose, we can wirte blog posts offline and publish any time.

If you think live writer is too basic for your blog requirements, then let's go ahead to check another solution — InfiniteWP.

InfiniteWP is developed by, with this software we can manage wordpress updates, backup and restore in one click away. If we like to keep a backup and make everything up to date, infinitewp is probably the best free solution at the moment.

If you need further requirements such as code snippnets, bulk posting and scheduling backups etc, there're paid options.

Except for above freewares, there're more excellent paid softwares and they will provide much much more features. Let's check out the following brands in quick view.

ManageWP – A commercial wordpress plugin that let's managing multiple wordpress blogs under one dashboard. It's also designed to auto backup/monitor your wordpress sites in security tunnel. The best of the best is it's 100% mobile compatible! Means we don't have to use a PC and login to blog site, a mobile phone is enough.

ManageWP is available in free/paid solution. We can add up to 5 websites for free version with limited features. With enterprise edition we need to pay as much as $3.24/mo for professional services.

If you are running a pupolar wordpress site or going to have one and offer your clients personal blog options under a sub domain, you should check out "Pro Sites" solution.

The Pro Sites is developed by wpmudev team, it's simply designed the same way as where people can sign up blogs. If you have used you should have understood how powerful it is. Once Pro Sites is configured on our blog site, we can set to offer free or paid blog service. If we're going to make money with this business, Pro Site is absolutely the best solution so far.

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