Biggest Hosting Providers For Different Services

Web hosting is a handy product nowadays for its popularity and affordability. While the competition is pretty high among thousands of hosting groups, it's interesting to know who's leading in different areas. We have done a bit research from various reports and announcement. Following are number one providers managing the biggest market share in each hosting categories. In case you're looking for hosting services, you can take a brief view about the entire industry and don't go wrong in choosing service provider.

Godaddy – Biggest Shared Hosting provider

godaddyBeing the biggest domain registrar on the planet, godaddy is selling domain names by per second frequency. While people purchase a domain name from godaddy, the great price notice in configuring website hosting is almost irresistible to most people. From their official reports, there're over 10 millions US clients and multi millions international clients being hosted on their servers. Not to mention their huge domain database, their hosting users statistics is almost horrible comparing to most competitors.

Since from the very start in 1999, godaddy has been using inhouse developed control panel software for both domain and hosting management. However, from the start of 2014, godaddy has introduced cpanel for optional choice for new client registration. Since they're complined hard by lots of people for non-friendly control panel design, their new change could bring more power to earn more success.

Godaddy official site:

endurance – Biggest Linux Hosting Provider

endurance groupNo matter how people talk about this name, we have to accept the truth. Endurance does not offer any hosting package directly but selling on hundreds of popular brands like ipage, fatcow and justhost. Their rank of biggest linux provider greatly relies on acquisition over hostgator and bluehost. These two brands had served multi millions clients on the globe and well recognized by most people. Actually, their linux hosting plans are considered industry standards and followed by many companies. When we liked a linux hosting plan, check first if it's offered by endurance brand because they're everywhere nowadays.

endurance official site:

Microsoft – Biggest Windows Hosting Provider

windows azureBeing the windows server provider, microsoft also provides hosting itself. From netcraft report, microsoft is ranked the biggest windows hosting provider. Especially for windows cloud, microsoft manages total of 23400 servers(22300 servers for amazon). Microsoft currently is most well known for it's cloud service "Windows Azure". It's not only a service but an ongoing developed platform for super developer friendly. No matter if you just need simple website hosting or develop apps in cloud environment, windows azure is the best place for both performance and security. How much does it cost? Try out 30 days for free then decide if you like to pay!

Windows azure official:

1and1 – Biggest VPS server provider

1and1 vpsYou might be surprised about this but this company does offer the most vps servers. From editorial anylisis, it's because of their huge shared hosting users. Only $0.99/yr to try out and then you pay $5.99/mo. However, once your website grows up mostly you will need VPS support, thus it's reasonable for clients to keep the service for easier management. I can't say 1and1 is doing good for web hosting service, however they indeed support large amount clients.

1and1 official site:

RackSpace – Biggest Dedicated server provider

rackspaceThe most well known and reputable dedicated server provider. The rackspace server is not cheap but you get for the pay. Rackspace servers are mainly targeted for enterprise business with advanced configuration. The company has a team of professionals from the industry and they're actually building the standards. They company is doing close co-operation with popular communities like NASA, their produce "OpenStack" is widely used by many cloud providers.

Rackspace official site:

Amazon – Biggest Cloud server provider

amazon cloudThe most reputable and biggest cloud service provider. Amazon is also the very first company for business cloud service offering. Since 2006, amazon has started their cloud service and has been powering dozens of world leading names including Dropbox, Adobe, Twitter, NASDAQ and NASA etc. Not only for enterprise support, amazon cloud is also open for personal service, for example its free 5GB cloud drive service.

Amazon cloud hosting portal:

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