Best Secure FTP Hosting

Best secure ftp hosting

Secured FTP connection is the best solution to keep your data in safe place from your website very start. Using secure ftp, your data transfer will be encrypted by ssl certificate so in case anybody hacked your internet, they will not be able to grab your actual data because everything is pre-encrypted and unreadable by user.

Best Secure FTP Hosting Awards

The best secure FTP hosting awards goes to arvixe for it's leading support over windows and linux hosting servers. Arvixe got SSL installed for every hosting server and be anble to activate SSH access for every linux hosting account with no extra fees. Arvixe secure ftp hosting core features include

  • SFTP and FTPes protocols support
  • Support all FTP clients
  • No ftp connection limits
  • Secure ftp user guidance

Arvixe is founded in 2003 and support cpanel for linux hosting plans and websitepanel for windows. Arvixe was selected to Inc 500 list for the past two years for the fastest growing up web hosting service. Arvixe advantages include free domain name for life, unlimited disk storage and data transfer. Powered by two world class datacenters and multiple network backbones, your hosting with arvixe means secure and fast!

Visit arvixe for secure ftp hosting plans at

About Secure FTP

Secure FTP is available in two protocols "SFTP" and "FTPes". SFTP (SSH file transfer protocol) is secured through ssh connectoin that's only available from linux hosting service. You must have SSH enabled in order to use sftp protocol. Not every web hosting providers be able to offer this feature for security reason. Arvixe be able to enable this service for free to every customer account. SFTP will require you to use port 22 instead of 21 when connecting. For cpanel linux hosting service, due to the cPanel limitation, only the main user can SFTP. New sub FTP accounts will not be able to use SFTP.

FTPes (Explicitt FTP over TLS/SSL) requires you to connect ftp server via secure hostname that's configured with SSL certificate. It can be done for both windows and linux hosting servers. The port of FTPes can be vary depends your hosting settings. You will be prompted up with SSL certificate information of your secure hostname when you connect.

SFTP and FTPes Tutorials

Here let's guide with filezilla ftp client to establish SFTP connection. Other ftp softwares have similar settings

  • Open your cPanel -> SSH/Shell Access and generate new SSH key pair (you might contact hosting support for assistance, it's free with arvixe hosting)
  • Once generated, click on the private key link at the bottom of the page then save the content to notepad.
  • Open Filezilla > Click edit button > select Settings > Select SFTP from the left menu.
  • Click the Add keyfile… button to upload the private key content you just saved.
  • Confirm the prompt up notice by clicking the Yes button and type your password.
  • Filezilla will ask you to store the key in the putty format. Save it somewhere on your computer.

Connect to your server using the following login credentials:

  • FTP Server: s ( is your hosting account server address)
  • FTP Username: yourcpanelusername
  • FTP Password: yourcpanelpassword
  • FTP Port: 22 (Your server SSH port, it might be different with different hosting provider, 22 is default port)

During your first connection you will be prompted to store the server's fingerprint. Click the OK button and tick the "Always trust this host, add this key to cache" box for future convenience. Now you have successfully established sftp connection to your hosting account.

FTPes on filezilla, please follow these steps:

Open FileZilla and click on Site Manager. Enter the following required information:

  • Host Name: (Server address where your hosting account locates on)
  • Port Number: (leave blank)
  • Username: your cPanel username
  • Protocol: Require explicitt FTP over TLS

Once you hit Connect for the first time the prompt up message of your server SSL info will be displayed, click OK. Now you'll now be connecting accross FTP using the security certificate.

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