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Python hosting

Python is a general-purpose, remarkably powerful dynamic programming language. Its design philosophy emphasizes programmer productivity and code readability. Since 1990, python has been powering millions of web and desktop applications. Python can be configured on every OS based its cross platform compatibility.

Python is a simple support for most cpanel linux hosting service as it's included from pre-setup packages. After reviewed 50+ reputable python hosting brands, Arvixe is awarded the best python hosting based its support for latest version python, hosting server performance, customer support and price value. For fast, secure and reliable python hosting, arvixe is absolutely top notch choice.

Best Python Hosting – Server Features

Arvixe support Python on both windows and linux server plans. It's installed with the latest stable version python with all necessary updates. You don't have to install most python modules as arvixe team already got all pre-setup on their servers. Means you just need to upload your codes to hosting account and it would be working fine! Arvixe python hosting core features include the following:

  • Free domain name
  • Unlimited disk space /data transfer
  • SSH Shell access to hosting
  • In-depth hosting support
  • 60 days worry free trial

The arvixe servers are all up to date dell brands with newest hardware production. All servers comes with 24 core CPUs and 32 GB RAM with RAID 10 Disk storage. You get standard service management by cpanel and websitepanel solutions.

Best Python Hosting – Uptime

The arvixe servers are supported by two Tier 4 datacenters in Huston and Dallas. Each datacenter is supported by UPS backup power and multiple upstream bandwidth connections. Their team is monitoring all servers from center office so each single outage will be notified by the earliest time. Since 2008 till today, there's no network or hardware issues reported with arvixe hosting and the conitunous monitoring for arvixe hosting is unbeatable 99.99%!

Our main site is hosted by arvixe since 2010. From our self monitoring stats & analysis, there's no real downtime except for several minutes slowness during nightly backup operation.

Best Python Hosting – Support

Arvixe support is simply rated the best if you have followed our previous news report. Their support staffs are knowlegeable and friendly in communicating with clients. By setting multiple levels support persons on live chat, they can handle most problems from the first contact so you don't have to play the ball time and time again! Their people are from everywhere from United States with years development skills and experience.

Best Python Hosting – Price Value

Arvixe support python for both windows and linux hosting plans for very affordable hosting price. Only $4/mo to start with you get full access to all python advantages. You have choice to sign up monthly, quarterly or yearly. By signing up yearly service you can get 20% discount via coupon "Mvchosting". If you choose 2 years contract upfront, you can reduce the cost to $2.8/mo via coupon "Clue30"! Absolutely the best price with the best pythong hosting service.

Because not everybody would prefer to linux OS, arvixe got python configured on windows server too with all available advantages. You don't have to make special configurations with windows account and your python scripts will be working like a charm. Because you will get dedicated application pools and remote iis access, you have full control on how to optimize your website performance.

Arvixe Python Hosting

Go to arvixe official site for python hosting plans

Python Hosting FAQs

Do I need to pay in using python?

No, Python is 100% open sourced software that can be downloaded/used by anyone with no cost.

Where do I upload python scripts to in hosting account?

For linux server, you have to upload to cgi-bin folder to make it working. There's no restriction for windows hosting account.

What kind of permissions should I grant?

You need to grant 755 permissions to python application directory. For windows server, you need to grant "read, write, execute" for IUSR.

Can i install python modules/libraries from shared hosting?

No, the installation requires root access which can be done by server admin. You need to check with hosting support if it's possible.

What kind of database engine is compatible for python?

Python be able to work with any database engine as long as you have the appropriate library installed. The most popular database for python would be mysql and postgresql.

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